Who We Are

Headquartered in India, PushpLinen is an international brand selling beddings, sheet sets and more through its online ecommerce store to consumers worldwide. The company boasts of an active and large consumer base in the USA, Canada and United Kingdom combined. Started in Mid-2016, PushpLinen is already setting foot onto the home and essentials industry by tapping onto products at a range 30% lesser than its direct competitors.

What makes PushpLinen different than other brands? Well, for starters they have a pricing range that helps heave a sigh of relief and put a smile on the face of its customer base. But what really makes the brand stand out is their refreshing idea of offering each customer one set of pillowcases for quality test. And in case you wish to experience the products at PushpLinen, you can order these free pillowcases as a sampler.

Need more reasons to buy from PushpLinen? Here’s what makes it a better alternative for all your housing needs.

  1. Direct to Consumer Brand: PushpLinen is a retail ecommerce store, meaning there are no third-party vendors that sell products through the brand’s online store. Consumers can directly connect with the brand itself for their product needs and have them taken care of through ease at the comfort of your homes.
  2. Quality CheckFor All Products: Using high-end technology, state-of-the-art tools and skilled craftsmanship, each product sold under PushpLinen goes through a rigorous quality check to ensure that each product delivers the quality promised. We take rejections seriously and work towards proffering products that come no way near the rejection mark.
  3. Affordable House Essentials: Products under PushpLinen are the most affordable. Our products are affordable compared to any other brand out there. We promise at the least 20% lesser prices compared to others in our industry without compromising quality and aesthetics of our brand’s products.
  4. Trustworthy and Secure:The first instincts that comes to mind when shopping online is the security and trust quotient dealing with online stores and that is taken care of by PushpLinen. All payments done under PushpLinen are processed through a secure payment portal. All contact details and personal information as detailed through our order page are kept confidential and strictly for business purpose only.

Now that you are convinced enough to be a part of the PushpLinen Community, head on to our product page and browse through our assorted range of bedsheets, sheet sets, duvet covers and more.

 Happy Shopping!

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