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Why are bath towels important?

Typically, bath towels are used for drying off after a shower or a bath. Bath towels are soft and absorbent and so are great for drying both body as well as hair.They can also be used for a range of cleaning, wiping, and drying tasks.

More importantly, bath towels are not heavy, so they can be used easily.

Bath towels come in different sizes and each size serves a unique purpose in your home and bathroom. In warm climates, bath towels can also be used as beach towels.

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What are the different types of bathroom towels?

If you thought, bath towels are just for drying off after your bath, then you’re wrong! Some of the types of bath towels you should know are;

  • Bath Towels - These are large towels measuring 70 x 125 cm. Bath towels are used to dry yourself post-bath. You can choose from synthetic to luxurious cotton depending on how soft you want your towels.
  • Hand Towels - Usually, in a set of towels, the hand towels measure 50 x90 cm. These towels are the ones that you can hang near the sink to dry your hands after washing them or even wipe away toothpaste residue after brushing your teeth. Most people prefer cotton hand towels as they are absorbent.
  • Face Towels - These are probably the smallest among the towels measuring at 30x 30 cm. These towels help you pat your face dry after washing to avoid spreading any infection from other towels. Though these towels are small in size, they can be used to wash your body in the shower.
  • Bath Mats - Measuring roughly 50 x 80 cm, bath mats absorb any water as you step out from the shower and thus avoid any mishaps from slipping on wet tiles. You 100% cotton material as a bath mat as it is highly absorbent and dries fast. Pushplinen is the cheapest place to buy towels. We offer bath towels in a range of sizes and classic colors. We also offer amazing discounts on our website.
  • What are the different materials used to make bath towels?

    Bath towels are made from a variety of materials. You can choose the one that suits you the most depending on the softness and cost.

  • Synthetic fibers - Most standard bath towels are made from synthetic fibers. While they are less absorbent and less soft then cotton, they are a low-cost option.
  • Egyptian Cotton - These towels are made from the highest quality cotton and are a more luxurious option. They have thick, long loops and are more absorbent. However, they are expensive and you must buy them if you want to indulge yourself!
  • Turkish Cotton - These are extra -long cotton fibers similar to Egyptian Cotton towels. Though thick and luxurious, Turkish towels are slightly less absorbent. Turkish cotton towels are best suited to warm climates with excessive moisture.
  • Bamboo towels - Though 100% bamboo towels are not common, a bamboo and cotton blend is more popular. Also, the bamboo plant is anti-bacterial and grows in a pest-free environment.
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    How many towels do you need?

    Ideally, you should aim to buy two bath towels and two face towels per person depending on the number of occupants. This way you can have one at hand when the other one is in the laundry. Try to buy a towel set that provides each of these towel types.

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    How to care for towels?

    While towels help to dry off post-bath, you must take care of your towels and wash them regularly. We recommend skipping the fabric softener when washing your towels as they tend to decrease the towel's ability to absorb water. Bear in mind that the long fibers rubbing against short fibers can deteriorate the quality of the towels. So make sure to wash or dry towels on their own and not with other materials. Dry them out on the line for extra freshness but driers can help maintain their softness. Also, never iron your towels as it reduces their soft feel and absorbing capability.

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