With hectic schedules and demanding family obligations, it’s no wonder why bathrooms are often neglected. For large families, it can be a nightmare!

Not anymore!

Your bathroom and bedroom must be beautiful extensions of style just like the rest of your home.

Keep your guests refreshed with immaculate bath towels, bath mats, hand towels, shower curtains available only at Pushplinen.

Explore your bath options and turn your bathroom into a high-end escape.

You will be amazed at the difference coordinated set of towels can make to your bath experience. We have a great collection of bath towel sets that will surely make your decor feel unified.

Make your bedroom and bathroom relaxing and cheerful places to be with help from Pushplinen.

Bath towels are simple yet an essential tool for everyday use.

Be it for the master bathroom, kid's bathroom or guest restroom, Pushplinen has tons to offer in the bath towels department. We also offer soft hand towels and bath towel sets.

You can choose from classic white to solid colors and add a functional piece to your bathroom essentials.

    Tips to shop your bath towels
  • Make sure that the bath towels are luxuriously soft and absorbent
  • Choose bath towel sets that blend with your existing color scheme
  • Choose everyday bath towels that are made of cotton
  • Choose towels with long fibers for extra durability and a softer feel
  • Lightweight bath towel sets

Apart from homes, bath towels are popular essential items in hotels and spas. We cater to meet requirements from these industries as well. All our products are made of high-quality materials and reasonably priced.

Isn’t it a great feeling to simply sink your toes into a soft, new bath mat?

A good bath mat will make a huge difference in your bathroom or powder room. Choose bath rugs that are comfortable, practical and stylish.

Whether you are looking to buy a single bath mat or multiple bath rugs, Pushplinen is the right place for you!

We have a great collection of bath mats in different sizes to match your requirements.

In general, when buying a bath mat for your bathroom, it is important to consider size, material, durability and required maintenance. While solid colors blend seamlessly with most decors, bright-colored bath mats make it more inviting.

Before buying the perfect bath mat, always make sure to measure your entire bathroom and floor space where you want to place the mat.

If you end up buying a small mat, there are chances it might look out of place and could lead to safety issues in case of water spills on the floor when you come out of the shower or bathtub.

Bath mats measuring 17” x 24” are suitable to be used in front of shower stalls and pedestal sinks. Mats measuring 21”x 34” can be placed outside most bathtubs.

Go ahead! Choose bath mats at low prices only at Pushplinen.

A shower curtain is an important element in every bathroom. It is not only has a functional purpose but also adds a decorative touch to otherwise boring bathrooms.

A new shower curtain is the simplest way to update your bathroom decor.

Revamp your bathroom and shower area with luxury shower curtains from Pushplinen

No matter what your decor, we have plenty of options to choose from. From stripes to solid we have them all!

Shower curtains will help resist fading, stains, mildew, and moisture and keep your bathroom dry in minutes after showering.

When picking a shower curtain, make sure to consider its dimension, fabric type and style.

We have standard shower curtains of the polyester fabric of sizes 72 x 72 inches. It extends to the floor and covers the bathtub. If you are unsure if a standard shower curtain will work for your bathroom, simply measure the size of your shower in inches. You will need about three inches of additional length to accommodate the curtain rod as well as the rings that hang down from the rod.

Shower curtains from Pushplinen are versatile, easy to maintain and a perfect match for your bathroom decor.

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