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Choose cloth napkins over paper napkins

Make your dinner parties interesting with cloth napkins. Dining napkins give a subtle yet interesting look to the dinner table. Typically, a dining napkin is a small piece of cloth that is used for wiping your mouth and covering the lap to protect your clothes from food stains. Ideally, a cloth dinner napkin should be generously sized to cover your lap. The table napkin can be folded in different ways to decorate your table setting.

Buy cheap cotton cloth napkins online from Pushplinen and style your table that goes with the mood and environment.We offer high-quality napkins in cotton as well as poly-cotton material in various sizes. They are fuller and shiny to look when used with either printed or contrasting plain table mats. You can choose to place it on the table or your lap when dining. Also, they are easy to take care of and are machine washable.

Uses of dining napkins

Cloth napkins are not just used as a signal but also as functional tools during a meal. That said, here, we have shared some uses of dining napkins.

  • A napkin signals the start of a meal. Lead the way, if you are the host, by placing the napkin in your lap so that your guests can follow you.
  • It can easily catch those crumbs or spill and prevent them from staining your clothes.
  • Use the napkin to gently wipe the edges of your mouth to removes crumbs or sauces.
  • Use the napkin to cover your mouth and nose when you need to cough or sneeze at the table. That way you can also help to keep the germs contained.
  • Signal the end of your meal by folding your napkin loosely and placing it on the left side of your table setting.
  • Simply put, in a variety of ways, a cloth napkin keeps your meals flowing efficiently.

    Buy cotton cloth napkins cheap from Pushplinenand give your table setting an elegant look. Available in 10" X 10",12" X 12",15" X 15" and 20" X 20" sizes, they are ideal for every occasion.

    Why use cotton dining napkins?

    Cotton napkins are both durable as well as beautiful for any occasion. The practicality of cotton napkins is ideal for family dinners and special occasions. As they are made from natural fibers, they feel good and absorb messes easily. Additionally, cotton napkins hold up against several rounds of washing so you can have clean dining napkins every time.

    Enjoy cotton napkins online shopping from Pushplinen. We provide you with restaurant quality that has a subtly embellished hem that complements any setting. Made from premium cotton and poly-cotton, our dining napkins are both soft and long-lasting. They are ideal to be used around kids so you have no worries about them ripping the napkins apart!

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    Dining napkins are extremely essential as they are a part of table etiquette. Dining napkins are spread at the laps when enjoying your meals.Napkins help in catching crumbs of food when it falls off from your mouth or spoon accidentally while eating. You may also use it wipe your mouth, cough or sneeze into while having your meal.

    Pushplinen offers soft and absorbent napkins that come with deep hems and clean stitching.

    Use it as a decorative accessory and make your dinner party a perfect one.

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