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Pillow Shams

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Wondering what pillow shams are?

Pillow shams are nothing but decorative pillowcases that are designed to cover standard pillows. However, they are not intended to be slept on. In simple words, they are creative alternatives to pillow covers that add depth and decorative elements to your bed.

In the 1700s, specially designed pillowcases were made to created decorative pillows with removable covers. Later, these “false front” pillow covers came to be known as pillow shams.

Pillow shams come in traditional pillow sizes;
  • Standard Sham measures 26” x 20”
  • King Sham measures 36” x 20”
  • Euro Sham measures 26” x 26”
  • Typically, pillow shams are sold in pairs made out of fabric from a matching duvet cover. Buy pillow shams online from Pushplinen at affordable prices.

    How is a pillowcase different from a pillow sham?

    A pillowcase protects your pillow and helps keep it clean as you sleep in it. On the other hand, a pillow sham helps you hide your pillow behind a more decorative façade. Pillow shams are also open in the middle of the back, sometimes with a hidden closure and other times with an overlapping fabric.

    If you are looking for cheap king size pillows for shams, Pushplinen is the right place for you! Available in solid and striped patterns in a variety of colors, you are bound to find one that suits your home.

    How to use pillow shams?

    Technically, you can sleep on pillow shams just like normal pillowcases, however, that’s not their real purpose. Many pillow shams are less comfortable to sleep on as they are made from textured decorative fabrics or flanges that may bunch up awkwardly when you sleep.

    So, how do you use the sham pillows? You can use them as support when sitting in bed and as a decorative bedding piece during the day. Alternatively, you can use them to add a layer of padding between your head and the headboard or remove them from the bed entirely during the night. Sham pillows can be easily removed from their fills to be replaced or washed.

    Whether you are looking to use pillow shams to provide you with a layering, stack, or asymmetrical look, we have something for you. Buy cheap pillow shams from Pushplinen and transform your bedroom décor within seconds. Our collection includes the season's latest styles, designs, and colors. There's never been a better time to shop for your home. Get started!

    A well-made bed is incomplete without a pillow sham!

    Shop the latest pillow shams online from our range of pillow covers and pillowcases at low prices.

    Our diverse collection of pillow shams in standard, Queen and King Sizes ensure there is something for everyone.

    From solid in an array of color options and thread counts to striped pillow shams in percale and sateen fabric, you are sure to be spoilt for a choice!

    A pillow sham typically means a pillow with a “false front”. It transforms a normal-sized pillow fills into a decorative accessory for your bedding set. You will find pillow shams in pairs made of fabric from a matching duvet cover.

    Apart from sleeping on a pillow sham like normal pillowcases, you can use them as support when sitting in bed as a decorative piece during the day. That’s a personal choice.

    You may also place sham pillows behind normal pillows when sleeping. You can remove Cotton shams easily from their fills to be washed or replaced.

    Pillow shams can be used to cover your pillows to hide any imperfections.

    Simply put, pillow shams offer you an opportunity to get creative while styling your bedroom. So, what’s keeping you waiting?

    Pushplinen offers you shams made with 100% cotton in a variety of colors at low prices. We also provide free shipping.

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