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Euro Shams

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Are Euro shams necessary?

Looking to rearrange your bedroom this season? Too many, tight budget- if that’s the situation, worry not! We’re here to help. Little things and small changes can create a greater impact to your bedroom than you can think. Euro shams are probably the most overlooked accessory of the bedding.

Typically, a Euro sham is an ornamental pillow that is square in shape and has an opening in the middle of the backside. The main purpose of the euro sham is to give a decorative look to your bed. It is usually placed behind queen or king sized pillows. Sometimes, a euro sham is also known as euro pillow and is available in 26 x 26 size.

If you are looking for comfort as well as a bit of glamour for your bedroom then euro shams are the best options. Euro shams can enhance the aesthetics of your bedroom and take it to the next level. Simply put Euro shams are the easiest ways to upgrade the look of your bedroom.

Shop for 100% cotton European Shams Pillow cover online from Pushplinen at affordable prices. Available in various colors, sizes and patterns, you can select the one that is just right for your home.

Things to consider when shopping for euro shams

Buying euro shams can be intimidating especially if you are buying them for the first time. Though the size is universal, here a few aspects you need to consider to have the best purchase.

  • Consider the thread count. Euro shams with 300 or 400 thread count are of superior quality and ideal for your home.
  • Take account of the material. Choose cotton shams for a subtle look and silk sham for a more elaborate look. Both these materials hold up to the test of time if taken care of properly.
  • According to experts, two shams of brighter shade will make for amazing centerpieces for your bedroom.
  • Check for the prices. While euro shams are not available for dirt-cheap prices, they are affordable enough to buy. Also, check for the guarantee period for better credibility and assurance.
  • If you are planning to buy euro shams covers then we’ve got you covered! Browse our wide collection and choose something that catches your eye.

    Are you wondering what European shams are?

    Well, European or Euro shams are large 26- inch square decorative pillows. These can be placed against the headboard to decorate your bed. They also provide extra support when you are reading ,sitting up or watching TV in bed. Not only are European sham functional, they add a good height to the bed. Also, if you don’t have a headboard, using euro shams at the head of the bed can upgrade its look.

    In addition to euro shams, Pushplinen also offers European sham pillow covers at affordable prices. These pillow covers are easy to remove and wash so you can have fresh and clean euro shams.

    How to style using euro shams?

    Accessorize your bed with Euro shams. One good and practical strategy is to include euro shams matching the your duvet cover. You can place euro pillows behind textured or plain standard pillows. You can even pair-up plain euro shams with standard shams that match your duvet cover. Mix and match or bring out your creative side and decorate your bed. Have fun!

    At Pushplinen you can find linen euro sham covers in a variety of colours and sizes. Find the one that suits your bedroom décor.

    How to take of the shams?

    Once you receive the euro shams, you will have to make sure to take care of them if you want to be “like new” for a longer time. If you’re wondering how to take care of them, we’re here to help.

    Wash the euro shams separately with a mild detergent. Make sure to dry the euro shams under shade and not under direct sunlight especially if the material is 100% cotton, silk or satin.

    Euro shams bring prominence to your bedroom decor. So, if you are planning to buy euro sham pillow covers cheap then consider Pushplinen. We offer the latest collection of the season with amazing discounts. Grab the opportunity today!

    Transform your bedroom and give it a unique look with Euro Shams from Pushplinen.

    Euro shams are also known as European shams or Continental shams that are sized to fit a 26”x26” Euro pillow.

    Layering your bed or large sofas with Euro shams can create a sophisticated and textured bed ensemble.

    Where to use Euro pillows and shams? They are generally used for decorative purposes but they can also be used as reading pillows or floor pillows.

    Did you know that the most common euro sham material is cotton? And Pushplinen offers you the best Euro shams in cotton. From solid to striped, we have Euro shams in a variety of colors that is sure to add style to any room.

    We have Euro shams in sizes of 26" X 26" ,32" X 32",10" X 10",12" X 12",15" X 15",20" X 20” in percale and sateen material having thread count between 300 and 400.

    Find a sham that provides you comfort and looks amazing for your bed only at Pushplinen!

    Euro Sham pillow cover is easy to mix and match with other colors to create outstanding bedding sets