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Choosing the right mattress for your bed is very important as it plays a key role in facilitating a good night's sleep. That said, most people undermine the importance of a mattress protector. A mattress protector will not only improve the aesthetics of your bed but also benefit you in many other ways. A mattress protector is a removable cover that sits on top of or encases a mattress to protect it. It will help you avoid unnecessary expenses and sleep better, in the long run.

Some mattress protectors protect you from allergens and irritants such as bed bugs, dust mites, mold, and even dead skin. That said, it is also important to clean your mattress once in a while. You could vacuum clean the mattress or even hire a cleaning agency to do the job for you.

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Cheap Mattress Protector Queen

A mattress protector is not the same as a mattress pad. A mattress pad adds some level of padding to the mattress and is usually not waterproof. On the other hand, a mattress protector is thin and waterproof and won't change the feel of the mattress. If you buy the correct mattress, you will not need any extra padding on it. Instead, you get to use a thin waterproof mattress protector and enjoy a good night’s sleep.Also, while buying a mattress protector, you must buy a one that fits your mattress snugly.

There’s no denying that the protector is there for protection. However, you can still use a sheet on top of the protector when making the bed for your guests. Putting a sheet over the protector will not only provide added comfort to your guests but also prolong the life of your mattress protector.

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Cheap Mattress Protector King Size

As the name suggests- a mattress protector protects your mattress. A mattress protector accomplishes four important things;

  • Keeps the mattress clean - Our body produces oil and shed dead skin cells as well. This along with sweat can soak through your sheets and into your mattress. Once it gets into your mattress, there is little you can do to get it out from your mattress. A mattress protector will prevent any of that from seeping into your mattress. Also, a mattress protector can be taken off and washed easily.
  • Keeps your mattress in a good condition for longer - Sweat and moisture (spilling of water, a drink,etc) will weaken the foams and disrupt the comfort. Over time, the moisture accumulates and you will need to replace your mattress more quickly without the protector.
  • Prevents dust mite allergies from acting up - Dust mite allergies can cause sneezes, wheezing, runny noses, and breathlessness.Also, dust mites feed on dead skin cells and without a mattress protector, your mattress will be a haven for dead skin cells. You won’t like that to happen right?
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    Buy a Mattress Protector

    Before you buy mattress protector, you must know the different types of mattress protectors available. The best mattress protector will have a unique performance fabric on the top that will wipe away heat and moisture from your body. While these protectors are the most expensive available, they are ideal for people who tend to perspire a lot at night. These protectors are both breathable as well as waterproof.

    Another type of protector is waterproof and breathable but without the performance fabric on the top. While these function the same as the expensive ones, they are moderately priced and affordable by most people.

    The cheapest type of mattress protectors feels more like plastic. Though these are less expensive, they are less breathable and some are even less durable.

    Pushplinen offers you a wide collection of mattress protectors in a variety of sizes to match your requirements. Our protectors are made of high-quality materials and are durable.

    Best Cheap Mattress Protector

    While a mattress protector safeguard's your mattress against stains, liquid, dust, and other particles, you will need to occasionally clean the mattress protector. You can simply pop it in the washing machine on a cold or lukewarm gentle wash using a bleach-free detergent especially if it is a waterproof protector. Bleach can damage the waterproof backing of some protectors. Avoid putting it in the tumble dryer, instead, let it dry in the sun or indoors when it is warm. Also, you must dry clean your mattress protector. That said, always make sure to read the instructions that your protector comes with.

    While you can wash your protector once in two months, do it often if you have pets, allergies, or if the protector has suffered any spills.

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    Why do you need a mattress protector?

    Well, it is one of the most important accessories for your mattress.

    • • It keeps your mattress clean
    • • Extends the life of your mattress
    • • Prevents dust mite allergies from acting up
    • • Protects your warranty
    • • Easier to wash compared to the mattress

    In short, a mattress protector will prevent wearing down of your mattress and give a “like new” condition for longer. So, you must invest in a high-quality mattress protector. Also, mattress protectors are thin and waterproof and won’t change the feel of your mattress.

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    The waterproof bed sheet protects the mattress from dirt.Must-have add-on for your bedroom