Pillow Covers

Soften your look into everyday life with our 100% long-staple cotton

Pillows are an important part of your bed. However, they are very plain and boring to look at. Make them more appealing with pillow covers from Pushplinen.

In addition to pillowcases, you can find a wonderful collection of pillow shams, Euro shams, and body pillowcases.

Some uses of Pillow covers

  • They can add a pop of color to your bedroom. This is true especially in case of throw pillows
  • Pillowcases can be used to hide a dirty pillow or preserve a pillow for a longer time
  • Disposable pillow covers can be used in Hospitals to prevent the spread of any infection
  • Simply slip on a new pillow cover and hand over the pillow to your guests

You can select a pillow cover based on a number of factors such as the type of fabric, occasion and even how the case closes.

While heavily embroidered silk pillow covers give timeless look to your room, cotton and light silk pillow covers can be used to cover pillows that you sleep on.

Pushplinen offers a different take on your sleep comfort.

Find an awesome collection of cotton pillow shams and embroidery border pillow shams only at Pushplinen.

A pillow sham basically means a pillow with a “false-front”.

Back in the 1700s, special pillow covers were made to create decorative pillows with removable covers. These covers later came to be known as pillow shams.

Our collection of pillow shams includes King, Queen and standard sizes for your convenience. They are made of sateen or percale fabric.

Typically, Pillow shams are used as support when sitting in bed or as decorative pieces during the day. Pillow shams can be placed behind normal pillows for support when sleeping. Cotton pillow shams can be easily removed from their fills to be washed or replaced.

Don't waste your time anymore. Shop for pillow shams according to your requirements only at Pushplinen!

Looking for Euro Sham to give your room an upscale look? Too many ideas and a very small budget?

We’ve got you covered!

Pushplinen offers you a huge collection of solid and striped Euro Shams. From cotton Euro Shams to embroidery border Euro Shams, find one that matches your requirement.

Wondering what Euro Sham is?

Euro sham is a pillow with a removable cover with an opening in the middle of the backside. Euro shams are also called as euro pillows. They can be placed behind the bed to enhance the look in your room. We have euro shams in a variety of sizes such as 26” X 26”, 32” X 32”, 10” X 10”, 12”X 12”, 15”X15” and 20” X20”.

While shopping for Euro Shams you can consider;

  • Thread count- Euro shams with a thread count of 400 are usually superior quality. Pushplinen offers you a collection of Euro Shams having a thread count of 300 and 400. Choose your pick now!
  • Material- Opt for materials like silk for a glamorous look and cotton for subtlety.
  • Price- Though they are not available at dirt-cheap prices, Euro shams are still affordable enough to buy.

Our Euro Shams come in high- quality sateen and percale material that are easy to maintain.

Now that you know what a Euro Sham is, it’s time to shop for one or more!

Sleep is definitely one of the most important activities of our day. A good night's sleep will not only help you feel refreshed in the morning but also prepare you for the long day ahead. The key to relaxation and good sleep is a great bedding set.

While we choose our pillows carefully- soft, firm or for health reasons, pillowcases are often overlooked. They are very much an essential part of your bedding and need to be chosen with plenty of thought.

Choose exclusive pillowcases from Pushplinen and let your bed reflect your style! Find cotton pillowcases and embroidery pillowcases that are perfect for daily use.

Our range includes pillowcases includes sizes such as King, Queen, and standard.

Enjoy offers and exciting deals on your purchase while shopping online at Pushplinen!

Boasting a diverse range of body pillowcases, our collection ensures there is something for everyone!

A body pillow is a long and narrow pillow that is usually bigger than the usual pillow. The main purpose of a body pillow is to improve spinal alignment. It is helpful for people suffering from major back pain while sleeping on the bed. Additionally, body pillows help loosen up your muscles after a long, tiring day and help you relax.

At Pushplinen be assured of finding cotton body pillowcases and embroidery body pillowcases of your choice. Our range includes solid and stripes body pillowcases at reasonable prices. They are sized between 20”x 54” to 20” x 60”. Our body pillowcases are easy to wash and last for a long time.

Make your bed and bedroom beautiful with embroidery body pillowcases. For a classy look, you can opt for our cotton body pillowcases.

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