Our Cotton

1. Long Fibers

We use best fine yarn to weave such fabric.
Fine quality possible from Long, lustrous, matured cotton.
Quality compromise will lead poor appearance in product.

 Long Fibers

2. Single Ply Yarn

We make use of the matured white Gold cotton balls,
nurtured delicately into fine yarn which is India’s tradition,
The single strong yarn is unique to develop soft feel of fabric.
This yarn are produced with unique technology to avoid dust
unidirectional flow of fibers . The compact fiber strand converted to exclusive yarn.

Single Ply Yarn

3. Finest Threads

Our premium product is produced on ultra- modern machines & technique.
The fine fibre is converted into yarn by aero technology.
Thus fine micro dust of cotton fiber is cleaned during yarn preparation
& air-jet is used in weaving the fabric.
The specialized technology and rigid quality control norms lead high standard fabrics.

 Finest Threads

4. Thread Count

This is technical terms like steel rods & mesh formation in concrete structure.
The fabric is an interlacement of different thread.
In our case Standard norms are maintained.
Thus the quality of product is unique.
Thread count is displayed to share the quality of product.

Thread Count

5. Finishing

Once we see the flat sheet uniform shine;
lustre of product lead us to touch the same.
The delicate touch gives a feel of softness comfort feel.
The feel is achieved by ‘"nanotechnology”
The modern machines are used for processing of our product.


6. Weaves

Weaves is basic fundamental in fabric With distinct weaves
exclusive texture is possible we made standardization
with ‘percale’ & 'sateen' for our sheets.

percale Weaves sateen Weaves