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    Complete the look with our beautiful shower curtains and rings

    Are shower curtains necessary?

    Shower curtains are vital for bathroom accessory. They contribute to the overall appearance of the bathroom and also affect the function. Not to mention, they also appeal to have privacy.

    If you want your bathroom to look neater especially when you have guests visiting, you can close the shower curtains to hide the bathtub.

    You can find shower curtains in various patterns, colors, and textures. They can be changed easily whenever you want a new look for your bathroom. Shower curtains are inexpensive and this aspect probably attracts most homeowners to purchase shower curtains for their home.

    Buy affordable bathroom shower curtains sets online from Pushplinen. We offer high- quality waterproof polyester shower curtains in standard sizes.

    How to choose a shower curtain?

    A shower curtain is an essential part of your bathroom and it can say a lot about you and your style. So, you need to choose a shower curtain carefully. We help you breakdown your choices.

  • Material - When it comes to the material for shower curtain, plastic or vinyl is most preferred by people on a tight budget. They are cheap and you can simply toss them out when they get dirty. However, plastic shower curtains look cheap and not considered healthy. Instead, you can opt for fabric shower curtains as an upscale alternative. One major benefit of using fabric shower curtains is that you can wash and reuse them when they get dirty. This is not only better for the environment but will also save you a lot of money in the long run.
  • Size - Most shower curtains come in standard sizes in three common measurements; 70” x 70”, 70” x 72”, 72” x 72” These shower curtains fit a 60-inch bathtub. If you need curtains for shower stalls or large tubs, first measure the length of your curtain rod and add around 12 inches to it. Also, measure the distance from the curtain rings to the floor. Subtract a few inches from that measurement as you don't want your curtains to pool on the floor. Depending on the size of your bathtub or shower, you can buy an extra-long or extra wide curtain. You may also choose to use standard-size shower curtains next to each other.
  • Color - Color and patterns can impact your emotions. Some shades of blue can make you feel peaceful and promote serenity while neutral colors can create a zen-like feel to your bathroom. Additionally, you must consider the size of your bathroom before deciding on a color. Neutral and bright colors tend to make a space look spacious while darker colors can make your bathroom appear smaller.
  • Patterns - If you want to add style to your bathroom, you can choose a shower curtain with a pattern.Even simple stripes can add visual interest to the otherwise boring plain shower curtain.
  • That said, remember that your curtain should be both functional as well as stylish, so make sure to look for designs that are machine washable.

    If you are looking for cheap bathroom shower curtain sets, Pushplinen is the right choice for you! We offer a range of solid as well as stripe patterned shower curtains in standard sizes. They are waterproof as well.

    How can you use shower curtains?

    Typically, a shower curtain helps to keep water from spilling outside of the shower area. However, depending on the material of your shower curtain, you can even tuck it inside the tub to prevent water from splashing and creating a pool on the bathroom floor.

    While you can use a shower curtain in multiple ways, you must make sure to keep them clean and prevent mildew build-up. You can either wash the curtains in a washing machine or choose to wash them with your hands.

    Make sure to wash your shower curtains seasonally and more often if your bathroom has poor ventilation to prevent mold or mildew. Keep your shower curtains clean. They will not need a replacement unless they are torn.

    Need new shower curtains for your bathroom?

    Check out the awesome selection from Pushplinen!

    Shower curtains not only provide privacy to you while in the shower but also acts as a piece of decor. They typically hang outside your bathtub to keep it from getting wet while you are bathing.

    Shower curtains are made of thick fabric so they aren’t see-through. While they are made from flowing material, they are also resistant to humidity that helps prevent mildew.

    Whether you are moving into your new apartment or revamping your bath in your house, you will have to make sure to have a proper shower curtain for your tub.

    Shop for shower curtains at affordable prices only at Pushplinen!

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