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Why choose cotton body pillowcases?

While a body pillow offers full-body support, gives you something to cuddle, makes pregnancy more comfortable, and promotes healthy alignment while you sleep, body pillowcases also offer a host of benefits.

A body pillowcase protects it from stains, dirt, and prolongs the life of your body pillow. It also makes it easier to keep your pillows clean as you can simply wash the cover instead of the whole pillow.

Cotton is the most preferred material for body pillowcases. They are not just soft to touch but can withstand several washes.

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Why use pillowcases for body pillows?

Don't you want to unwind on your bed and wake to feel refreshed after a good night's sleep? It's no surprise that you must use good quality pillows, mattresses, and other bedding accessories. More importantly, they must be clean and fresh to help you sleep comfortably and wake you up feeling refreshed and rested.

If you’re the one who uses a body pillow for body support or health benefits, you must also use a body pillowcase to cover it. Body pillowcases conveniently guard against allergens, moisture, etc., and extend the life of your down or feather body pillows by keeping them cleaner.

Buy pillowcases for body pillows at amazing prices from Pushplinen. Available in various colors and sizes. Made of sateen or percale fabric, our pillowcases are made to last long.

What to look for in body pillowcases?

Knowing how diverse body pillows are, you will have to consider various factors before buying body pillowcases. From a few obvious features such as shape and color of the cover, you will also have to consider less apparent features such as the way the pillowcases close or even how easy is to clean the fabric.

Closures of body pillows come in two options: envelope or zippered. If you are worried about the zippers bothering you during sleep, you can choose envelope closure body pillowcases. However, they may not be as sturdy as zipperclosure pillowcases. While both options work great, it all boils down to your preference.

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What is the best fabric for body pillowcases?

In general, the fabric of your sheets or pillow covers is really important. It should be easy to clean the stains, machine washable, and dryable conveniently.

Most people prefer cotton fabric for their body pillowcase as they are crisp, cooling, and great for all seasons. You can choose between a variety of finishes such as sateen, percale, flannel, etc.. Additionally, you must consider the thread count as it will impact both the softness and durability. You may consider buying a satin body pillowcase or fleece if you want an option suitable for summer or winter specifically. For a stain-resistant option that feels luxurious, you can consider investing in microfiber body pillow covers.

If you are considering buying a body pillow case online then Pushplinen is a great choice. Explore our wide collection of high-quality cotton body pillowcases in percale and sateen finishes.

Wondering whether body pillowcases are worth buying?

Simply put, body pillowcases will block out allergens, bed bugs, and keep your pillows clean. Body pillowcases will also create a double defense against sweat and saliva that can accumulate over the pillow and reduce its fluff. So, if you want your pillow to be fluffier and maintain performance, you must invest in high-quality body pillowcases. Additionally, you can easily carry pillowcases when traveling so that you can avoid the possibility of dirty pillows making contact with your skin and also avoid bed pests.

Whether you are looking for standard pillowcases or body pillowcases online, Pushplinen is the right choice for you. From solid to stripe, we have a range of pillowcases to fit your requirement. We also offer discounts and sale on our website so that you can shop for your home conveniently.

Need a body pillowcase to cover your body pillow?

We have got you covered!

Pushplinen offers you an amazing collection of body pillowcases that will fit your room decor like a breeze!

While body pillows help improve your spinal alignment, body pillowcases protect the pillows from wear and tear. They will also ensure that pillows are safe from unwanted spills and dust mites.

Find body pillowcases in different colors in sateen and percale fabric and create a sensational backdrop to contrasting colors. Our body pillowcases are of high quality and have a thread count between 300 and 400 making them ideal for daily use. These body pillowcases are easy to care for and so are a must-have in your bedding decor.

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100% Cotton high-quality material giving the pillow a soft and comfortable texture for optimal softness