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Buy Luxury Bedding Sets Online at Discount Prices

It is a known fact that we spend almost one-third of our life asleep. So, it only means that you must invest in functional and comfortable bedding. A typical bedding set includes a flat or fitted sheet, a bedspread( not necessarily), a top sheet, a blanket, quilt or duvet (with or without a duvet cover), a bed skirt (sometimes) and a few pillow shams. Buy luxury bedding sets online at discounted prices only from Pushplinen.

Find bedding sets that are made with luxurious fabrics and designer prints that can match traditional or modern bedroom seamlessly. Our luxurious bedding sets are of the finest and we invite you to experience the difference with our high -quality bedding sets.

Bedding Sets online

Buying bedding sets online is a simple way to get all the bedding items you need all in one convenient package. We have a range of bedding sets to fit standard, Queen, King, Cal-King, Twin, Twin XL, or Full-size beds. Our bedding sets include bedspreads, Sheets sets, duvet covers, fitted sheets, top sheets, and bed skirts.

The most common materials used for our bedding are:

  • tSateen weave
  • tPercale
  • tCotton
  • tLinen

Each of the materials has its pros and cons and feel to them. Plain weave is the most unassuming to feel and is neither too soft nor harsh. Sateen fabric is similar to silk and is great for summer as it allows heat to escape.

Quality cotton material is more breathable and comfortable and allows you to self-regulate your body temperature.

Linen material tends to be soft and cool like sateen, but they can feel slightly grainier. Though the material is comfortable, it is not good for those with sensitive skin. However, you can opt for linen if silk or sateen is out of your budget.

Choose your bedding set online from Pushplinen.

Bedding Set and Its Significance

A typical bedding set comprises of many components and each has its purpose

  • tThe bedspread ensures that it protects your bedding from dust
  • tThe bed skirt is decorative and sits between the box spring and your mattress. Long bed skirts can even help conceal the space beneath the bed frame
  • tDuvets are flat bags that are usually filled with natural or man-made fillers. They are used as a blanket and keeps you warm
  • tDuvet covers may come with buttons or ties that help protect your duvets
  • tThe top sheet is placed on top of the fitted sheet,between yourself and the blanket or duvet cover. It keeps you warm and protects your blanket or duvet cover from getting dirty.
  • tThe fitted sheet covers your mattress. It not only protects the mattress but also ensures a smooth and soft surface for you to lie on.

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Other Bedding Items

  • tPillows and Euro sham pillows add to the décor of your bed. They are either square or rectangular and come in a variety of colors and patterns
  • tMattress protectors especially the waterproof variants protect your mattress against moisture and bed bugs
  • tComforters can be used instead of quilts, coverlets, or blankets in the warm season
  • tQuilts can be used as blankets and even hung on walls as decorations especially if they are vintage or have a special significance

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Whether you are looking for a single piece or multiple bedding sets, be assured to find them all at the most reasonable price only at Pushplinen.

Buy Bedding Sets

While you can buy bedding sets online easily, you must ensure to take good care of it. It will not only help keep your bedding set clean and fresh but also extend its lifespan. Each component of your bedding set may require it to be washed in a particular way. Read the instructions on your duvet, comforter, or quilt before washing or dry cleaning so you are aware of the proper way to care for your new bedding set.

Wrap yourself in comfortable and stylish bedspreads from Pushplinen.

A stylish bedspread tucked tidily over your pillows is a great way to uplift the look of your bedroom.

We offer bedspreads in several colors, sizes, fabric, and prices. Our wide variety of bedspreads fit every style. You avail solid and striped bedspreads in different colors at Pushplinen.

Our bedspreads are made of high standards of quality, reliability, and craftsmanship. They are easy to care for, can be machine washed and dried so that you can enjoy them for years to come.

Apart from adding elegance to your interior decor, bedspreads help you keep warm and cozy. You can use a bedspread over your duvet or simply use it as a blanket to keep yourself warm in harsh weather.

Our all-in bedspreads include 1 Sheet Set,1 Duvet Cover, 2 Extra Pillow Case,1 Comforter,and 2 Pillows. This is ideal not just for your home but also for hotels looking to make their guests feel like home.

All our bedspreads are available at low prices. Go ahead! Enjoy shopping for bedspreads at Pushplinen.

Duvet covers are a great way to redecorate your bedroom without a major overhaul.We’ve got duvet covers in various styles and colors to match the look of any decor.

Find duvet covers in various sizes such as Twin9, Twin XL, Queen, King, California-King, Full, and Olympic Queen at Pushplinen at reasonable prices. No matter how big your duvet is, be assured of finding a cover that fits your requirements.

A duvet cover protects your duvet. They are not filled but have an opening where you can insert your duvet. It may have buttons or zippers as closures and they are washable.

The duvet cover helps keep the inner duvet clean, dust-free and in great condition. They help preserve the lifespan of your inner duvet.

Our duvet covers are made of long-staple fabric such as percale and sateen with thread counts of 300 or more to ensure you enjoy comfort as well as durability.

We make shopping for bedding fun! Find your favorite duvet cover and snag a great deal on it only at Pushplinen!

Tired of washing your duvet coveroften? It’s time to invest in a good fitted sheet.

Shop for comfortable fitted sheets with deep pockets only at Pushplinen!

A fitted sheet has four corners and sometimes two or four sides. It is usually fitted with elastic and is used as a bottom sheet. The main purpose of a fitted sheet is to prevent the mattress from slipping when the bed is in use.

We have a wide range of fitted sheets made of sateen and percale fabric that are easy to maintain and durable. From solid to striped, you can pick a fitted sheet that best fits your bedroom decor.

Pushplinen brings to you a unique collection of top sheets ensuring there will be a perfect match for your bed and decor.

Sure, top sheets add an extra layer of fabric to your bedding and maybe a bit oppressive for most millennials. But did you know that top sheets are probably the most hygienic way to sleep?

A top sheet is soft and flexible that makes it easier to wash and dry.

You can shop for a solid or striped top sheet in sateen and percale fabric at Pushplinen. We have them in various sizes such as Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King, Cal-King, Full, Olympic Queen.

Choose your pick at a great price. Go ahead!

At Pushplinen, you’ll find a variety of sheet sets suitable for every bedroom decor. You will find your favorite solid or embroidery border sheet set. Our range of sizes includes options such as Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King, California-King, Full and Olympic Queen that will ensure you find the perfect fit for your bed.

How to select sheets?

While the thread count matters, you must also take into account the type of fabric, the weave, and the construction of the sheet.

Confused between Sateen and Percale?

We’ve got you covered! Percale sheets have a crisp, light texture that makes them ideal for warmer months. On the other hand, Sateen sheets are heavier and make them a great choice for cold weather or for people who enjoy warmer.

Thread count

A high thread count does not mean softer sheets. In fact, sheets with a very high thread count can cause material breakage and reduce its life. Ideally, you can choose a sheet set has a thread count between 250 and 600. Here, you can find sheets with thread counts of 300 and 400. That is one more reason for you to shop from Pushplinen!

How many sheets do you need? Well, buy as many sheet sets as you like. We aren’t stopping you! All our sheet sets are reasonably priced.

Start shopping right away!


Feel extra softness & comfort with our 100% cotton bedding sheets.

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