All You Need To Know About Deep Pockets
fitted sheet

New mattresses of today are made to be thicker than the ordinary. These mattresses require special deep pocket fitted sheets to fit probably. So if yours is thicker than 14 inches or you use a mattress topper, regular sheets may not work well for you. What you need is an extra deep pocket sheets.

Deep Pocket Fitted Sheets Measurements

You should never forget to check the depth of your mattress and also keep this in mind when you are buying bed sheets for your thick mattress. When you have considered this, you will decide whether you what you need are deep or extra deep pocket sheets.

Here are the common deep fitted sheets measurements that you can find in stores.

15 inch Deep Pocket Fitted Sheets:

These sheets are fully elasticized and they fit mattresses that are up to 15 inches deep.

22 Inch Extra Deep Pocket Fitted Sheets:

These sheets are specially made fully elasticized to Fit mattresses that are up to 22 inches deep.

The regular mattresses range in thickness for ten to fourteen inches and are the most common to buyers, so the regular fitted sheets will fit properly. However, special mattresses can be up to over 20 inches thick and that is good for comfort.

These special mattresses need special sheets with extra deep pocket should be the best as they are deeper fitted than the average sheet set.

So deep pocket sheet sets are created to fit the thicker mattress of today. Also, if you use mattress toppers, mattress pads, or pillow toppers, you will need deep pocket sheets to fit your mattress properly.

Just like regular sheets, Pushplinen offers very beautiful and durable deep pocket sheets that come in variety of colors, designs, constructions materials. These sheets are available in queen, king, and California king sizes.