Can duvet cover be smaller than insert?

A duvet cover is a large, protective cover of fabric for a comforter. So, a duvet consists of an insert and a cover, a comforter is a single piece of bedding. That means that a duvet always requires a cover that essentially works like an oversized pillow cover.

So, the question is can duvet cover be smaller than insert?

In short duvet covers can be smaller, larger or same size according to your choice. If you want an even, straight view of the duvet, you can choose a duvet cover that is larger than the insert. But when you tuck a larger insert into a smaller duvet cover, it looks fluffy, and some prefer it this way. In addition, the weight of the duvet will be lighter when the duvet cover is smaller than the insert.

Because many duvets are made from expensive, difficult-to-clean goose down, a duvet cover is a fabric cover that the comforter is placed inside, keeping the duvet clean and protected. The Another purpose of duvet covers is it comes in many fabrics and styles, so you can find a duvet cover to match your comforter and complement almost any style or decor in your room.

The common rule of thumb is to use a duvet cover that is slightly larger than the comforter. It will be comfortable for both looks and comfort. The reasons why duvet covers are larger than comforters are: easy to use, hold the duvet well, keep the duvet taut.

Attaching a suitable duvet cover to the duvet is essential. So, if you want to use the right duvet cover, you need to know the measurements of the duvet cover.

Don't rely solely on your bed size when purchasing a duvet cover to match your comforter.

For example, a queen-size duvet may vary in size from manufacturer to manufacturer.

1. Lay the comforter or duvet flat on the bed.

2. Measure the length and width of the duvet or comforter with a tape measure.

3. Choose the length and width of the duvet cover larger than the duvet or comforter.

4. Try to choose 2 or 3 inches longer length and width of the duvet cover than the comforter.

So, what do most people do regarding the duvet cover size and comforter? Generally, people choose a duvet cover that is 2 or 3 inches larger than the comforter. If you buy the duvet cover and comforter that is the same size or smaller, it will be difficult to tuck the comforter into the duvet cover. Also, the comforter may not have enough space in the duvet cover, but it is not impossible to do it. However, if you want to make the comforter fluffier, you can buy the duvet cover that is the same size as the comforter or may be even smaller.