Choosing Bed Skirts for Adjustable Beds

A bed frame you can raise or lower to improve comfort offers many benefits for healthy sleep but finding a bedskirt for an adjustable bed can transform something that looks clinical into a lovely home decor piece. Since these types of beds move, you can use every type of skirt effectively. The last thing you want to do is get the fabric caught in the mechanism or have it crumple unattractively when tilting the head or foot section up or down. Follow these tips for the perfect adjustable bed skirt that will make your bedroom look and feel like a true oasis.

Avoid Traditional Bed Skirts

Traditional bed skirts consist of a flat piece of fabric with pleated or ruffled edges that hang down over the bed frame and the gap beneath. The flat piece goes under the mattress on a standard bed. However, if you try to use this with a moving bed frame, the fabric will end up caught between the parts or bunched together where the mattress folds. This both looks bad and increases the risk of damage to the skirt.

Choose a Wrap Around Bed Skirt


These styles have either hook and loop closures or elastic and ties that attach to the bed frame itself rather than stretching under the mattress. All you need to do is attach the long strips or ruffles to the posts to hide the mechanical parts of the bed and whatever you store underneath. Some old-fashion options even use long pins to affix the cloth directly to the mattress, but this does introduce an element of danger if one falls out.

A wraparound bedskirt creates a lovely look without the risk of bunched or torn fabric. These styles make it super easy to remove and launder them as well. You can even purchase multiple colors and upgrade the decorator look without taking the mattress off. You can even make changes while the bed is in use.

Specialty Bed Skirts for Adjustable Beds

Some manufacturers make bed skirts specifically designed for these types of furniture pieces. While they provide convenient use and minimal risk of damage, they can also cost more than wrap around options. Also, you may have a difficult time using them on a standard bed frame if you change the furniture in the future.

When you choose a bedskirt for an adjustable bed, it is important to get one that will not shift, bunch, or tear when you tilt the head or foot section up and down. At the same time, you want an attractive accent that covers all the mechanical parts of the bed that can make your bedroom look more like a medical ward than a cozy spot of personal relaxation.

Choose convenience, safety, and beauty when it comes to buying a new adjustable bed skirt. Hook and loop or elastic edge styles make it easy to put on and take off the skirt for laundering and gives the whole room an attractive and homey style.