5 Most Popular Types Of Bed Skirts

You might have a set of the comforter, the sheets, and pillows in your bedroom but a bed skirt styles them and binds them together. This most desirable linen product is often overlooked.

Designing a perfect bedroom is not as easy as it seems. Making a bed is a skill and a perfectly styled bed skirt is the most important element of the bed. It not only serves the purpose of covering your bed but makes it more appealing as well. Most of all, it adds a neat, modern, and tailored look to your shabby bedroom.

Bed Skirts were a simple and functional addition

The concept of bed skirts originated to hide the bed’s box and foundation. But, its aesthetic aspect was more remarkable and it took over the world.

What makes it more interesting is how shifting from one-bed skirt style to others can change the looks of your bedroom dramatically? The various styles, additional patterns, color, and texture of the bed skirt can change the decor of your bedroom.

In addition to it, there’s another functional benefit of the bed skirt. As you know, the length of the ruffles reaches the floor making extra storage space for your stuff. The staff will be out of sight and at the same time, it will be easily accessible. The decorative piece conceals all the imperfections of your bedroom.

A bed skirt can be tailored in different ways. It can be pleated, gathered into ruffles, or multi-faceted. The choice depends on your taste, whether you like the finishing element sleek, ornate, or sophisticated.

The 5 Popular Bed Skirt Styles


Wondering which bed skirt will be right for our bedroom? Although, a variety of bed skirts available in terms of design is truly endless. To make things simple, we have listed the 5 most popular bed style skirts.

1. Ruffle Bed Skirt

➤ The traditional bed skirt design exists for centuries. They are still considered as an inevitable part of the traditional bedrooms. The dressy, dark-colored ruffled bed skirt is still considered appealing.

➤ The valance piece of decorative fabric can make a casual bedroom warm and welcoming.

➤ The ruffled bed skirt is a great way to create a romantic but classic look. It very much puts together the calming effect in the room.

➤ A ruffle hem at the bottom of the linen bed skirt adds a graceful note to it. It can be a perfect addition to your wooden flooring bedroom.

➤ Next, you will need to choose between the continuous corners or split cornered bed skirt. However, keep this in mind that continuous corners provide a more seamless look.

2. Wrap around Bed Skirt

➤ Wrap around, as the name suggests, you add a versatile wrap to your bed skirt. The corners of the bed skirt are carefully placed on the corners of your bed and it is moved to a certain required height. The focal point in choosing this bed skirt is the decoration of your bedroom.

➤ Wrap around bed skirts is designed in such a way that they are easy to put on or put down. You don’t even to lift the mattresses or remove the sheets to replace this easy to use bed skirts.

➤ Go with the flow. Buy beautiful spring lilacs or warm orange Californian groves whatever you feel like. Choose the color you want and let your imaginations fly high.

3. Gathered Bed Skirt

➤ A gathered bed skirt is a unique and custom style of decorating your bed and bedroom. The highly popular and durable style of gathered bed skirts is a continuous wrap bed skirt where the three-sided skirt is bunched into puckers or ruffles. The ruffles add a classy and elegant look to your room.

➤ The particular detailed and decorative ruffled look can spice up your romantic life.

➤ Putting this ruffle on your bed right is a daunting task. You may need a person or two to help you out in the process.

➤ When it comes to gathered bed skirts, lightweight fabrics happen to be the best choice. Too much gathering or ruffling of the heavier material can alter the fit of the skirt and the extra weight may put it down.

➤ The lightweight fabric panels hang better

4. Tailored Bed Skirt

➤ The magically tailored bed skirts are a premium choice. The simple yet classic 14” inch pleated skirts are preferred in bold colors including black, white, ivory, navy and mocha for all bed sizes.

➤ These premium bed skirts offer the utmost comfort. No matter what, whether you lie on your bed or your kids jump on it, the tailored bed skirt stays at its place. It is usually made from soft and breathable fabric that allows you to sleep cozy and comfortable at night.

➤ The elegant, stylish, and sleek choice gives a modern look of your room. Out of all the designs, this one is a bit formal but it offers an amazing organized look that cannot go unnoticed.

➤ The bed skirt offers the best fit when used with band strips and corners.

5. Pleated Bed Skirt

➤ This sleep yet simple design is considered as the best bed skirt creation. The wrap-around style of the function piece of cloth ensures a better grip. The pleated style has an elastic band for a better fit.

➤ You cannot resist this bed skirt style because of its powerful features. The elastic trim never lets it move while you toss or twist while sleeping. The softness and breath ability of the fabric add to your peaceful sleeping experience.

➤ There is no fabric restriction when it comes to a pleated bed skirt. Choose from the lively color experiences and get ready for a sound sleep with the elastic snug.

What to Consider When Selecting the Best Bed Skirt


Earlier all the bed skirts were more fashionable and functional and these bed skirts were often referred to as dust ruffles because they helped to keep the dust away instead from gathering under the bed.

So if you are looking to buy bed skirt for your bedroom then these are the below-given points you should consider:

1. Material

The fabrics which are used to make bed skirts does not comes in close contact with your skin and it less important as compared to the fabric used for making bed sheets and comforters. There are different types of fabrics used in Bed skirts which are:

1. Cotton: Most type of bed skirts are made from 100 percent pure cotton or a cotton/polyster blend that will hold up to several washings without any fear of wearing out.

2. Linen: This fabric is made from the flax plant, and it is a top choice for all the tailored or box-pleat bed skirts because these skirts will hold a pressed crease. However, one main thing that lacks is linen tends to wrinkle and you will likely require ironing to get this linen fabric nice and flat again.

3. Microfiber: Microfiber fabric is a combination of polyster, and nylon. This fabric is wrinkle-free, super-soft and durable. The best thing about this fabric is that it goes right from the dryer to the bed without any need to iron. This fabric possesses a light static charge, which gives it a tendency to collect dust.

4. Thread Count: Thread count refers to the number of threads (strands of fabric) per square inch of fabric. However, in bed skirts the thread count usually ranges from 100TC to 300 TC. It is said that, higher the thread count means the tighter the pores will be in the fabric.

Fabric with lower thread counts and larger pores and are more likely to gather dust as compared to higher thread counts.

2. Bed Frame Dimensions

There are different types of bed frame dimensions in bed skirts. However, you choose a bed skirt by the size of its bed frame such as full, queen or king. If you are looking for a proper bed skirt that fits into your bed but don’t know what your bed size is then refer to the following measurements given below:

Bed Frame Sizes Dimensions
Twin 39 inches × 75 inches
Twin XL 39 inches × 80 inches
Full XL 54 inches × 80 inches
Full 54 inches × 75 inches
Queen 60 inches × 80 inches
King 76 inches × 80 inches
Cal King 72 inches × 84 inches

3. Drop Measurement

When choosing for a bed skirt, drop measurement is another important thing which you should consider. Drop measurement is the distance from the floor to the top of the box springs.

You must consider whether you want to bottom of the bed skirt to touch the floor or rise an inch or above so floor when you are taking this measurement. Most of the time the skirts that sit a bit above the floor are less likely to gather than those that touch the floor.

4. Colors, Patterns and Textures

Most bed skirts comes in variety of standard colors such as red, blue, brown, grey etc. However, some skirts comes in patterns, including multi colors plaids, stripes, or even floral designs.

5. Ease of Cleaning

Most bed skirts are easy and simple to clean. All you have to is just put in the washers on the cold cycle, tumble and dry on low, shake it out and put it back on the bed.

Make sure that if your bed skirt is 100% made of linen then you must iron to remove all the wrinkles before putting your bed skirt into the bed.

3 Advantages of Owning a Bed Skirt


I know it distracts you if you are having some boxes or several other items under the bed that distracts your beautiful look of the bedroom. So adding a bed skirt will not only make your bed but also make your whole room beautiful and better.

There are 3 advantages of owning a bed skirt:

1. A bed skirt will hide all the items that are stored under the bed

2. Bed skirts offers a finished touch to the bed and keep the box spring from showing.

3. Bed Skirts comes in different standard colors and designs to suit your any bedroom décor.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you choose a bed skirt?

- Choosing a bed skirt that matches the dimensions of your bed will complement the décor of your bedroom. If you are looking to choose a bed skirt then choose the standard color that matches your bed so that it creates a uniform look.

2. How do you fold a bed skirt?

- I recommend that you don’t fold a bed skirt instead safely remove from the dryer after laundering and put it back on the bed to prevent from getting wrinkled.

3. Which bed skirts fabrics are most durable?

- Brushed polyster fabrics tends to withstand wear and tear very well. Customers also opt for bed skirts with this fabric as it helps to prevent from wrinkles and repel liquid stains.

4. Are bed skirts outdated?

- Yes!! Especially if your bed rests on a boxspring and metal frame. A bed skirt must be there to hide your “skeleton” means all the items that makes your beautiful bed messier.

5. How much does a bed skirt cost?

- Most of the bed skirts that contains ruffles or pleats are priced below $20. However quilted designs maybe a little bit costly, but don’t expect to spend more than $40 on a new bed skirt unless it is custom made or has embellishments that are made from high-end fabrics like silk.

Final Thoughts 

Not every type of bed skirts will fit your bed. Some are too long, some are short or some may feel lost from the corners. Ultimately, you need to check out the different designs and sizes to know which one suits your bed the best. It is always about finding the right size, the right fit for your bed.