Pushplinen’s Guide To Decorating A White Bedroom
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Looking for white bedroom decorating ideas? Here is a short guide for you. You are probably a white lover and you don’t know how to go about your white room decoration. It doesn’t have to be hard. White color room decoration might actually be the easiest to decorate, all you need is add a touch of this and that and you have your pretty white room.

Select your white

White has so many variations. Some white have warm undertones, while others have a cool finish. You need to pick one of these while considering the architecture of your home.

Add a touch of sophistication

Although white is traditionally the color that portrays innocence, it can still be sophisticated, especially when it has the sheerest touch of gray, so add gray or another sophisticated color.

Add shine

Color white’s clean pristine feel becomes even lovelier with the addition of metallic accents. A touch of shine brings a white bedroom out of doldrums.

That doesn’t mean you should go overboard with bling. Too much is tacky, not cool. You can stick to just metallic color like silver, gold, bronze, pewter, or copper if you love them. It gives you a beautiful and stylish look.

Add color

You can add a touch of color to your white bedroom. Decorating a white bedroom doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add another color. Add a few touches of color to take your boring room and turn it to something bright and special. It doesn’t take much.

Add pattern

Whatever decorating theme you choose, you should add some pattern throughout the room. That’s even truer when your palette is limited to just one or two colors, and it's even truest of all when the palette is just white. Without pattern, your white room would look sterile.