The Ultimate Pillow Guide – Shams, Body Pillows and Cases
Pillow Sets

When to use pillow sham, body pillow, euro sham and pillow case

Pillows and pillow cases are used not only to brighten up your room but also for comfort as cushion under your head while sleeping. It is significant to invest in good quality pillows as they don’t tend to flatten out easily. A pillowcase is a removable and washable cover for a pillow, the plain ones are made of cotton and the decorative ones are usually of silk.

Pillow Shams

Pillow sham is a pillow with a false front. These are pillow-cases that are usually used to make decorative pillows with removable covers. It is best used as a decorative aid that transforms a normal pillow into something festive or aesthetically pleasant. Generally, the pillow sham is open in the middle of the back and is covered with an overlapping fabric. They are usually used as support while sitting in bed or for decorative purposes. Standard Sham pillows are used after the square shaped Euro shams for traditional placement. Pillow shams made of cotton can be easily removed from their fills for washing or replacing.

Euro Shams

Euro shams are pillow cases used to accessorize the beds, especially behind the king- and queen-sized pillows. These pillow cases add to the aesthetic charm of your home. The traditional size for these pillows is 26” x 26”. Euro pillows with shams matching duvet cover looks great. They are square shaped and used at the back touching the headboard. The standard pillow shams are used in front of them. Euro shams can be best back support pillows too. This signifies their use for both decoration and comfort.

Body Pillow

A body pillow is a long and narrow pillow that can be cradled between the legs when you sleep on your side. Body pillows are good in order to enhance spinal alignment and pressure point relief. These pillows are of great use for pregnant women and can be used in several other ways with the primary purpose of comfort.

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