Tips to Use and Care Table Cloth

Back in the day, whether you were eating at home or in a fancy restaurant, fine dining had to have tablecloths. Even today, people use plain white tablecloths or formal linen ones to dine in a civilized manner.

It is an effective yet simple secret to make your dining room aesthetically pleasing and spruce it up for when guests come over.

Since tablecloths are nothing short of workhorses for your kitchen, you need to take special care of them. They need to be kept in tip-top shape to act as a unifying background for all the mouth-watering treats you make.

Follow the tips below to ensure your tablecloths can serve their purpose and more!

Top 4 tips to use and care Tablecloth

1) Get To It Right Away

The quicker you get to a stain, the better chances you have of getting rid of it. You don’t have to get to wash them right away, but neglect can cause the stains to settle into the fiber. Especially if you have a poly-cotton tablecloth, you will not want to put off treatment for the little blighters.

2) No Rubbing

If you spill something on your clean white tablecloth or any other, do not rub it. Use a towel to blot the excess of the material, preferably white. A colored towel will force the color to be transferred on to the tablecloth. We don’t want that now, do we?

3) Beware The Bleaching Agents

Do not use paper napkins to clean a stain. Bleaching agents are often used in paper napkins, which can lead to a loss of color of your tablecloth.

4) Stain Removal

The type of stain on your tablecloth will dictate the way of removing it. Oily stains such as from gravy, butter, and salad dressing will need to be blotted. All you need is a white cloth lathered with corn starch. It will soak up the excess, and you can wash it with ease!

But, imagine getting a wine, coffee, or soda stain on your pristine, white tablecloth. Nothing short of a nightmare! Not to worry. They can be easily removed with a damp white cloth.

But, be sure to check the care label and see if your tablecloth can be washed in the machine. Once you have blotted it with a water-soaked cloth, use a dry one. Now you can go do your laundry. Remember to take your tablecloth!

Perhaps you are planning a romantic dinner with your partner one day. You make delicious dishes and take out your best poly cotton tablecloth for the occasion. You light candles and set the mood. But, the wax drips on to the tablecloth.

Yikes! How do you get rid of it? Simple, you scrape it off gently with the help of a butter knife. If its machine washable, you can put it in the machine just as soon as the romantic dinner is over.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to keep your table cloth clean?

- There are many ways to keep your table cloth clean, but one of the best ways is to wash this table cloth alone with hot or cold water and with a dryer cycle.

How to clean your table cloth without rubbing?

- If you spill something on your clean white table cloth then do not rub it, instead use a towel to blot the excess of the material as colored towel will force the color to be transferred on to the tablecloth

How to remove the wax drips on to the tablecloth?

- It is very simple to do it all you have to do is scrape it off gently with the help of a butter knife and if it is washable with machine then it is best that you can put in the machine to remove the wax drips


The tips of using and caring table cloth above will not only make your life easier but help you keep your table linens and clothes in pristine and presentable condition. Be sure to follow the instructions down to a tee!


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