What is boho duvet covers? (pom pom and tassel style)

Boho Duvet Covers

1. The Bohemian, or Boho-chic style, is a fashion style that takes its inspiration from various Bohemian and hippie influences. Boho-chic style is generally associated with actors such as Kate Moss and Sienna Miller. Boho is not only limited to clothes. Boho décor, such as boho duvet covers, can be part of everyday life in your home.

2. Boho-chic has been around since the 1960s, with some even earlier appearances. Though, after Sienna Miller’s appearance at the Glastonbury Festival in 2004, the Bohemian style of dress and décor became very popular. Its peak was in 2005.

3. Now, Bohemian styles resurface as a popular style from time to time. It is still a trendy style for many homes, especially in Canada and the United States. Boho is prevalent in these countries because of western fashion and decor shows that promote the boho-chic style. In North America, Bohemian culture is seen as different and desirable. It brings back notes from the 1970s and hippie generations, popular in North America at its height.

4. The recipe for a perfect boho style house is to create a space that has a free-spirited nature and is filled with colours, textures, and handmade designs.Boho style is often viewed as rule-breaking, exotic, and for those who lead an unconventional lifestyle.

5. An easy way to start incorporating boho into your home is to start with duvet covers, and the look of your bed.

6. Boho-chic duvet covers are characterized by draped pieces in layers of different textures and fabrics, creating a style inspired by a carefree world traveler. For example, a bed may have many extra pillows or layering blankets to ensure maximum comfort. Duvet covers can also be an essential part of the bedroom when creating that Bohemian look and style in your home.

7. If you are looking for inspiration on boho duvet covers, look no further. Finding the perfect duvet cover that suits your style can be difficult, especially with so many choices on the market. Common boho-chic duvet cover patterns consist of mandalas, Aztec prints, paisley, and patchwork, so starting with those patterns is a good idea.

8. Mandalas are circular mosaics and geometric designs, which date back thousands of years. However, they are still as popular today as they were ago then. These are popular in boho culture because they are a symbol of harmony in life.

9. Patchwork is a geometric design that incorporates different fabrics and textiles to create an elaborate, pieced together design. Patchwork is a representation for making the most of what you have and seeing the beauty in the odd parts of life.

10. Aztec patterns are complex, intriguing, and ancient. They are popular boho patterns, characterized by bold lines and geometric shapes.

11. Paisley is probably the most famous bohemian style of pattern. They are floral-inspired and look great in any saturated colours. Paisley creates a whimsy look that inspires freedom, beauty, and love. Bold and energetic colours are a must for your duvet covers. In pretty much every case, being boho also means being bright: fun colours and patterns are necessary. Trying a new bohemian duvet cover can also be a great way to get out of your comfort zone, without having to change up everything in your home. Like the ones mentioned before, patterns can be a perfect addition to your bedroom and add a pop of excitement to what may be a boring bedroom.

12. However, it is possible to take a more minimalist-chic look with the boho trend. Suppose you are not looking for exceptionally bright colours. In that case, you can try other subdued patterns and styles that may suit your taste.

13. For example, if you are looking for boho queen duvet covers or boho king duvet covers, you might choose to go for a more minimal style since the bed is large. Try integrating tassels into your duvet covers. You can have a plain white duvet cover, but with tassels or pom-poms coming off the edges, which give the duvet cover that boho flair.

14. Fringed edges are also a great option. A lovely ivory or cream duvet cover with fringe along the edges can create that hint of a boho look. The tassels or fringes can also come in bright colours for an added pop. Or, you could choose to layer with other patterned or textured quilts. Alternatively, instead of having tassels or pom-poms running along the edges of your duvet covers, there are also options where the tassels run horizontally across the duvet covers. Try this if you want a bit of an alternative look to your boho duvet covers.

15. For children’s duvet covers, there are many options if your child or teen is looking to have a bohemian themed room. There are various styles for boho twin duvet covers. Generally, for children, having bright and fun colours is the way to go. Stunning florals, paisleys, patchwork, or mandalas can give a fantastic bohemian effect in any child’s bedroom.

16. A great way to accessorize these duvet covers is to create either layer with other textured duvet covers or blankets, as well as many throw pillows in fun colours. Pillows in solid colours or boho patterns can spice up any bland-looking bed. Other pieces that you could use to give an accent to your bedroom are handmade accessories such as crochet, macrame, carved, or knitted pieces or blankets.

17. The bohemian-chic style has been around for many years. Still, it persists in being a popular style among fashion lovers. If you are looking to change up your bedroom, a great way to start the transition to a boho-chic lifestyle is to upgrade your duvet covers. By incorporating bright colours and different exciting patterns, you can create your very own Bohemian haven in your home today. Get out there and start exploring what boho-chic has to offer!

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