5 Bedroom Designs Mistake You May Be Making
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5 Bedroom Designs Mistake You May Be Making

 Because our bedrooms are not on display for other people to see, we often overlook their designs and focus more attention on the living room, kitchen, and other public spaces. However, even if our bedroom is only for sleeping, we end up spending one third of our lives there, and that’s where we retire for the day, so it deserves attention too.

Here are some bedroom design mistakes you may be making and you need to correct ASAP!

Choosing the wrong bedside table

Whatever you choose as the bedside table doesn’t really matter, but the right size and height of the table is essential. The table shouldn’t be too low or too high.

Using too little lighting

Ensure that your room has multiple lighting options. You can try a mix of both task lighting and adjustable ambient lighting is the perfect combination.

Placing Area Rugs in the wrong place

Your beautiful bedroom isn’t that pretty without a soft landing beside the bed, or a lovely rug placed at the end of the bed, rather than beside it.

Over-furnishing the space

You can easily get carried away when designing your room. So make sure you do not cram your bedroom space with items that are not necessary. Also, place your furniture against the wall to ensure there is enough space at the center of the room. This will create an illusion of more space.

Oversized Bed

Even if you’re so tempted to buy an oversized bed, don’t do it. You can only do this if you have a very large bedroom. If your room isn’t large and you buy an oversized bed, it will end up taking almost all the space.

Opt for a bed that has the appropriate size for your bedroom. The dimension must be appropriate to the dimension of your bedroom.

Your bedroom should always look like a place you can’t wait to be when you’re finally ready to rest for the day.