How To Remove Blood Stain From Your Bed Sheet
white duvet cover

Even though women’s monthly period usually runs for only a few days, they always worry about blood stains on their bed sheet. Blood can stain your bed sheet, chair, etc.

Of course, period stains aren’t the only source of blood stains on the bed sheet. Even sudden inset nose bleed or an injury on your finer can stain your bed sheet. If you are looking for how to get blood out of sheets, this guide is for you. Removing blood stain from white bed sheet or any other color is easier than you think.

Use Cold Water

To remove blood stain from bed sheet quickly, wash the blood off as soon as you can. The longer the blood stays on your sheets, the harder it will be to remove. Flush the stain off your bed sheet with cold water immediately. Wash it afterward with shampoo to help reduce the appearance of the stains on your sheet.

Use An Enzyme Cleaner

Another way to remove blood out of sheets is to use an enzyme cleaner. Soak the stained sheet in the cleaner and cold water for about 15 minutes and the wash it. This will help reduce the appearance of the stain.

Apply Lemon Juice Or Hydrogen Peroxide

Removing blood stains that have stayed long on your sheets can be tough to remove since the blood has set in. The stubborn stain won’t remove easily with enzyme cleaner or cold water. So to get blood stain out of sheets, use hydrogen peroxide or lemon. These two are great for light colored sheets. To try it on dark colored sheets, try it on a small area first to see if it’s good for the fabric.

These three methods can help remove blood stains from your bed sheet.