Types Of Fabric For Duvet Cover
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Which types of fabric are used to create Duvet Covers?

Duvet covers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for king sized or Twin duvet covers, most people take the aesthetics of their new duvet into account first. After all, striped duvet covers, bohemian duvets and even beautiful custom duvet cover designs make a visual statement in your bedroom. But often, people forget to take into account fabrics that their new purchase is made from, which can make all the difference in how much you enjoy actually using your new duvet cover.

Different types of fabric can serve different purposes, so make sure you know what you’re looking for before you buy. To help you decide which fabric is right for you, here’s 5 fabrics commonly used for a variety of Duvet covers .


Flannel bedding is my favorite for cold winter nights. It’s warm, soft and surprisingly breathable! It often is used in tartan or striped duvet covers because of the way the fabric is woven, so it’s great for a classic look as well.

Flannel fabrics are a form of cotton that have been woven and brushed to make them softer. But you should know that flannel has a tendency to get bunched up, so if you get a duvet cover made of flannel, be ready to pull your duvet into the cover’s corners again to keep it looking and feeling even.

I also find flannel can be particularly hard to get stains out of. It’s not impossible, so don’t worry about totally ruining your new custom duvet cover if you spill something on it, but it might take a few runs through the washing machine to make it look like new. However, you may find that flannel becomes less soft the more you wash it, so despite it’s luxurious feeling it is not always going to last as long as other duvet covers.


Just like how flannel is great for cold nights, linen is the best for even the most sweltering evening.

It’s breathable, comfortable, soft and incredibly versatile. Linen can wrinkle if you don’t take care of it, but you can also iron it out without doing any damage to the fabric. It is expensive, but a linen duvet cover can make your nights sleep a luxurious affair. There’s a reason that linen duvet covers are the standard for hotels across the world: they provide can’t miss comfort when you’re in bed.

Like most fabrics, linen is machine washable. However, it can be prone to shrinking, so you’ll probably want to hang linen duvet covers up to dry. After all, something like a bohemian duvet cover is meant to be wonderful to look at, not wrinkled and ill-fitting.


Cotton is probably the most common fabric used for duvet covers. It’s been used for literally thousands of years, and it’s easy to see why.

Cotton is cheap, extremely durable and strong. It often makes great bedding for kids, because it can be cleaned so easily. It’s also easier to find twin duvet covers that are made out of cotton as opposed to other fabrics because so many of them are designed for kids' beds.

It’s also highly breathable and very soft, making it comfortable for hot nights. That being said, cotton is a great way to keep yourself warm as well. It truly is good for nearly everything you want from your duvet cover.

One drawback is that, like linen, it is prone to shrink. That means you’ll want to hang up cotton duvet covers to keep those beautiful designs looking fresh. However, cotton is known to take forever to dry, so make sure you hang your duvet cover up in the morning if you plan on using it that night.

4.Organic cotton

It’s becoming increasingly important that we take environmental concerns into account when we do anything. Understanding which solutions are sustainable is an important part of our role on this planet. To find a sustainable solution for your next duvet cover, you might want to consider organic cotton because it is way better for the environment.

The qualities of organic cotton are basically the same as it’s non-organic counterpart. However, the process by which organic cotton is farmed doesn’t use chemicals, meaning that all the water used in the farming process won’t be toxic to surrounding wildlife. By not using chemicals, it also means that the workers that grow and pick organic cotton have less exposure to toxins. That means you can sleep easy under an organic cotton duvet cover.

5.Supima Cotton

Supima cotton is one of the best fabrics in the world. It is grown in the USA, and contains extra long fibers that make incredibly strong fabric. It can last for years without any noticeable degradation. Supima is softer and holds colours better as well, which is an important factor to consider if you plan on purchasing a brightly coloured bohemian or custom duvet cover.

Given the difference in quality between supima and regular cotton, it should come as no surprise that supima cotton is more difficult to farm, making it more expensive. In fact, less than 1% of the world’s cotton is supima, because it is such a process to ensure that the plant produces high quality materials.

It is a luxury product, so be aware that if you’re looking to buy something made of this material it will be expensive. But it will also be worth it.

When you’re buying a duvet cover, the aesthetics are undoubtedly an important thing to consider. However, the fabric used to create your bedroom’s newest edition is what will make you excited to crawl into bed and enjoy the functionality of your purchase as well as its beauty. So if you’re looking to buy a new duvet cover, make sure that you consider the fabric it will be made of as well as the beautiful design on it.


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