How do you use a Twin Duvet Cover?

Not only are duvet covers designed to protect your duvet, they are also intended to add beauty, color and style to any bedroom. In this article we will help you gain a better understanding of duvet covers particularity twin, boho and floral, why you need one, and which duvet cover is the best to buy.

1. What is a Twin Duvet Cover?

A Twin Duvet Cover is a piece of material that slides over top of a duvet, preventing the duvet from being damaged or getting dirty. Duvet covers are made to fit snugly over a Duvet. Twin Duvets covers are not the only size duvet cover you can purchase, you can find a range of sizes designed to fit your duvet: Single, Twin, Queen, King and more.

Duvet covers are slightly cheaper than duvets because there is no cotton wool or filling in the duvet cover. When purchasing a duvet cover, you are paying to protect your duvet and to add more style to your bedroom. In regards to styling your home, we have detailed two of the most in demand duvet cover styles in today's market: Boho Duvet Covers and Floral Duvet Covers.

2. Boho Duvet Covers

If you are looking for a duvet cover that will keep you warm on cold winter nights, and look fantastic in your bedroom, Boho Duvet Covers are one of the best options. Boho duvet covers are created with eye-catching patterns and vivid textures, adding more flavor to your bedroom design.

3. Floral Duvet Covers

Choose a floral duvet cover and bring that decorative touch into your home. With such a huge range of floral duvet covers online, you will find a floral duvet cover that you fall in love with. There are all sorts of designs with different flowers, colors and styles. It is likely you will find a cover with your favorite flowers on it.

4. What is a Duvet?

A duvet is a warm and comfortable covering for your bed, used as an alternative to comforters, quilts, heavy blankets and bedspreads.

Duvets are designed to add warmth and comfort, but can be an expensive item to purchase and extremely difficult to wash without ruining the filling inside.

This is why a quality, duvet cover is so important, the duvet cover can be easily removed and washed when necessary. A duvet cover allows users to keep the duvet fresh and clean while they sleep.

5. Do you need a Duvet Cover?

No matter how hard you try, an uncovered duvet is going to get dirty, and as mentioned above, they are not easily cleaned. If you don’t want your bed to look dirty or even smell, you need to invest in a duvet cover. Almost all are machine washable, making them super easy to clean, so there is no need to stress about putting stains or holes on your duvet.

Secondly, duvet covers add so much personality and style to a bedroom. With your bed in the center, a beautiful duvet cover will turn any ordinary looking bedroom into a master piece. You should have no problems finding a duvet cover to match your style as there is such a huge range of options. If you love flowers, choose a Floral Duvet Cover. Maybe you want a pattern that pops and grabs people’s attention, in this case a Boho Duvet Cover is perfect for you.

6. How to use a Duvet Cover?

Imagine your Duvet Cover is similar to a Pillowcase. Your pillowcase protects your pillow and keeps it clean overnight. It allows you to easily remove it and wash off the sweat and drool, while keeping your pillow in good condition.

A pillowcase has the same job as a duvet cover. Your duvet cover is intended to be a protective lining for your expensive duvet. You want to find a cover that fits snug over your duvet and can be tied to prevent it from sliding off.

Any time you feel like your bedding needs to be washed you just untie your cover and slide it off the duvet and put it in the wash, alongside you pillowcase and sheets.

7. Duvet Covers with Corner Ties

Don’t you hate it when you wake up cold because your duvet has fallen out of your duvet cover onto the ground? A quality duvet cover will generally have buttons, zippers or corner ties to keep the duvet in place while you sleep, which means no more cold wake ups, where you have to get up and remake your bed.

To protect your duvet, it is crucial to ensure that you purchase a duvet cover with corner ties. If you tie your duvet cover with corner ties, you will keep the duvet in place during use, preventing it from getting damaged and dirty. If you decide to purchase a boho duvet cover, be sure to look for one with corner ties.

8. What Size Duvet Cover will you need?

There are no strict standards for manufacturing bed linen in the US, so duvet cover sizes may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. If you have a twin duvet on your bed, you will most likely need a twin duvet cover. We recommend measuring your duvet and the duvet covers you plan on purchasing, this will ensure you get a duvet cover that fits your duvet. While sizes do vary, a standard twin duvet cover is usually sized around 66inches x 88inches, or 168cm x 218cm when measured flat.

Duvet covers can change the look of your bedroom without having to buy new furniture or completely redecorate the room. Simply changing your duvet cover will instantly change the way your room looks and feels. This is perfect for those who enjoy changing their style from season to season.

With such a huge variety of colors, patterns, sizes, and designs to choose from you are guaranteed to find a twin duvet cover that matches your bedroom decor.


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