How to Decorate your Bedroom for Halloween Celebration Using Black Color

In the past years, Halloween traditions revolved around decorating the outside of the house for trick or treaters who came by for candy. We live in different times now. This year, in particular, has tested plenty of people and changed how we observe our favorite holidays. This will be the first Halloween in a post-covid world. Needless to say, trick or treating will more or less be left behind.

But the Halloween Spirit can still live on! Decorating the front porch may be a thing of the past. Having Halloween inside can be the new fun trend. And what better place to decorate than your bedroom?

A personal space that’s highly customization, and reflective of your own tastes, a bedroom can be a great place to decorate. Even just changing the colors of the sheets can alter the mood of the whole room. There’s no reason to sacrifice your sleeping comfort for the sake of pursuing a holiday celebration. Try out these tips to turn your bed into a trick and a treat!

Adapt the Holiday Colors

The official color scheme of Halloween is Orange and Black. Orange to represent the fall season where the Holiday originated and black to compliment it as a low tone that enhances shadows, adding to the spooky factor. Even for countries around the world that don’t experience the same seasonal changes, people there can celebrate equally by dressing in costume, and dressing up their home to match.

What better place to dress up than your bedroom? Halloween bed sheets don’t have to be graphic or complex. Simple color changes can help bring the mood to the room. Darker shades of green for example are reminiscent of mysterious slime or classic Halloween witches. Glow in the dark accessories also add an additional layer of festive energy to a room which can be mixed and matched to accommodate any particular style.

The brighter the shades, the less impact they will have at fostering the spooky, moody atmosphere you would want. Aim for Halloween bedding that stays dark even when the lights turn on. The goal is to make your bedroom look like a display worthy of a front porch. Even if it’s just you, or your own kids, stopping by, it can make the time at home seem more lively.

Go for a Theme

Color matching is the simple way of decorating for the holidays. It’s simple, and it’s effective. But what if you want to be even more effective? Halloween isn’t just about the colors of the month or matching up with the natural routines. It’s about expression and creativity. Halloween is about dressing up.

You can dress yourself in a costume, and pretend for a day to be whatever creepy creature you want, but where would such a thing go to rest once the day is over? Make up your bedroom with Halloween bedding that displays creepy imagery, graphical printed sheets and characterized pillows. It seems a little childish, which obviously makes it perfect for children, but embracing that inner child is what Halloween is all about.

Use stretched out cotton balls to make cobwebs in the corner, hang an old, recycled bed sheet up as a fake curtain with tatters along the edge to give it that moth-eaten haunted look. Drape a bed sheet over a rack and draw on some eyes to turn it into a ghost haunting the closet! And most importantly, make your bed up to be the kind a monster could sleep in. That means more than just colors. Throw pillows shaped like pumpkins, ghosts and black cats are a must for the bed spread.

Don’t be afraid to sleep underneath a Halloween bed sheet that has a monster’s face on it. Turn your bedroom into a witch’s lair, a vampire’s crypt or dust up the walls and the sheets with ghostly hand prints to give it a fully haunted atmosphere.

Show Off while At Home

If you and your friends are safe, you could make arrangements to hang out on Halloween night. But if you’re more cautious, you’ll likely be staying inside entirely. You’ll appreciate the effort you put into decorating, but how can you share it out? Social media can let you share everything from the breakfast you ate to the creepy bat that hangs outside your window (he’s just adding to the holiday spirit), so show off your hard work on your favorite network.

Give a tour of your spooky new bedroom. You can pose things just how you want them to get the maximum creepy appeal. Even if it’s raining on the day itself, your decorations will stay dry and comfortable. No wind to blow over your hanging pumpkin lanterns or sweep away the carefully arranged leaves from your porch. And while you’re in your private space, you can show off the costume you have that matches it all.

Take a Holiday Indoors

Halloween isn’t a sanctioned holiday, but a celebrated one nonetheless. You won’t be missing work for it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to take off the edge of the current state of the world. And just because it’s meant to be a day full of scares and creepy things doesn’t mean it has to be stressful. Remember what the main function of a bedroom is at the end of the day.

Make sure what you create is comfortable, both in terms of the quality of the products and of the quality of the atmosphere you create. And of course the best way to test out a Halloween bedspread and decorations, is to relax in them, and sleep through the night. And if you’re lucky, you’ll have a dream that’s just haunted enough to be scary, but still cozy enough to be restful.

WRITTEN BY Ejservicekiosk

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