How to Make The Perfect Bed

While most people just lay the bed and leave without checking if it is perfectly laid, some people want to make sure their bed looks perfect. And why not? A perfectly laid bed is inviting, and laying on it after a long day is the best way to end your day.

So, if you want to learn how to make your bed perfect, here is how a make a perfectly looking bed.

1. Choose a bed skirt that fits your space. Whether simple, tailored, ruffled, or soft. Secure the bed skirt to the box-spring with upholstery twist pins.

2. Put your mattress in a zippered protector.

3. Next are your fitted and flat sheet. White sheets are great, so are patterned sheets. Patterned sheets will add color to your bed. The finished edge of your flat sheet should be face down.

4. Add a blanket, comforter, or duvet in a climate and season-appropriate weight.

5. Lay a quilt or coverlet on top and fold the top third of your bedding back towards the end of the bed, so that it shows the top edge of the flat sheet.

6. Protect your pillows with pillow protectors and covers and place them at the head of your bed.

7. Add decorative shams and pillows for an attractive and welcoming bed. Go for a variety of textures and neutral shades to give your bed restful and luxurious feel, and colorful and patterned pillows to infuse your bed space with personality. You can create a beautiful combination with two standard sized pillow shams, two square euro shams, and a decorative lumbar.

8. Put a favorite throw at the foot of your bed. It’s the perfect emergency layer for those cold nights and it also gives your bed a more cozy and inviting look.