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Happy Father’s Day to all great fathers out there!

Today is Father’s Day and this post is dedicated to all the wonderful fathers and male mentors who have touched the lives of people out there. Right from dropping and picking us from school to our class activities, a father is all about his kids and family. Fathers spend most of their existence as an entertainer, protector, playmate, and a life coach.

So, on Father's Day, it's time to appreciate him with love and gratitude.

Here, we have shared a few reasons to celebrate Father’s Day.

1. He is not just a hero but a superhero!
Fathers dedicate their time and life to battling for his family.

2. He makes learning easy, fun and fast
One father is equal to 100 schoolmasters. Always remember that.

3. The playground was always a part of life
A father makes sure that his children always have their share of fun and madness. He also participates with his kids in his own ways.

4. Fathers teach us to be brave and strong or go home
Whether it is your silly school fight or career, he makes sure to pave the right path for you.

5. He teaches us to live every moment no matter whatever the situation
There’s never a dull moment when fathers are around. He makes sure his kids are always having fun and a good time with him.

6. A father is our partner in crime
Spilling the beans has never been a dad’s thing. Our secrets are always safe with him.

7. Fathers come up with creative and innovative ideas
Be sure to be stress-free when your dad is around! Know you can always reach out to him when you are in need.

8. Fathers are life saviors!
Dads are our favorite bodyguards we know who has always got our backs.

9. Fathers are always one step ahead of us
As older you get, you will realize that your father too is getting smarter. It may also be one of the reasons he figures us out easily.

10. He gives us our first driving lesson
And for that, you need to be thankful to him.

11. Fathers share the same taste when it comes to food
On Father’s Day, don’t hesitate to spoil him with his favorite dishes.

Never go easy when it comes to appreciating your father. So, this Father's Day, take time to say "Thank you, I am glad you’re mine.”