Pushplinen’s Bedroom Wallpaper Inspiration

A beautiful wall paper adds color pattern, and life to a bedroom. However, some people are not bold enough to add a wallpaper to their room decor because they think it is too much drama, and some people think installation takes too much time or would require the service of a professional.

If that is the case for you, we have some great news. Nowadays, wallpaper comes in many range of styles and designs for both small and big budgets, and there is a wide selection of options designed for do-it-yourself installation.

Stripe Wallpaper

stripe wallpaper decor bedroom

Since there are numerous stunning bedroom wallpaper ideas, at times, it is better to opt for more traditional wallpaper designs to make the most of your investment. So, vivid stripes will look forever fresh in your bedroom combined with other design styles.

Floral wallpaper

floral wallpaper decor bedroom

Add some to your room decor with a statement wallpaper with bold, floral print. The floral wallpaper is a strong look, so accessorize with caution. Match your room background tones with those on the floral wallpaper.

Brick Wallpaper

brick wallpaper decor bedroom

Create a unique and quirky look in your bedroom with a lovely brick wallpaper. The brick wallpaper will give your room an urban and industrial look. This is perfect for a bedroom with sofa or small office space.

Metallic wallpaper

stripe wallpaper decor bedroom

Metallic care a trendy look and it only makes sense as they easily lend any bedroom a grown-up sense of grandeur and class while making it appear larger and brighter than it is. Metallic wallpapers are also perfect if you want to add an opulent element to your bedroom that will remain timeless and elegant.