Pushplinen’s Green Bedroom Ideas to Inspire You

Whether you want to spice up your boring bedroom or you want to design a new bedroom, one of the best advice we can give you is, go green.

Even the smallest touch of green can breathe life into your bedroom. Get inspiration from our beautiful green bedroom ideas. Green isn’t just for your gardens. When used rightly, it can make a boring or too simple space look very lively. It particularly looks good in bedrooms where it can be so calming and invigorating, comforting, and refreshing.

Shades of green work perfectly together and with other colors, so don’t be afraid to mix dark and light green and green and other colors. Shades of green work beautifully together, so don’t be afraid to mix light and dark, blue- and yellow-based tones.

Green With a Touch of Flower Prints

flowers in bedroom

The freshness and softness of flowers bring life to a bedroom, so decorate your green bedroom with flowers. Imagine spotting beautiful flowers each time you wake up.

Emerald green bedroom idea

emerald green bedroom

Emerald green is a rich green and can go with almost every color and other shades of green. Pair your green with black and gold for a green royal look or lime green or turquoise green for mix of green and adorn it with flowers. Emerald green combined with white also looks calm and peaceful. The same thing goes with emerald green pride with silver.

Green and white

green white bedroom

We already talked about beautiful emerald green and white looks. Emerald green isn’t the only shade of green on this table. Any shade of green can go with white. Adorn your white and green room with beautiful flowers or wallpapers.

Lime green

lime green bedroom

Lime green is a very beautiful color. You can pair it with darker shades of green, yellow, and Gold.