Guide To Choosing Perfect Table Linen

An ongoing study has demonstrated that a very much decorated table and a stylish tablecloth can make your food taste better. Thus, not exclusively table linens add class and style to any mealtime, they can even influence how we see our food. A patio outing, lunchtime on a balcony, end of the week breakfast or formal dinner will all vibe unique and special, more pleasant and elegant when set with clean, fresh cloth tablecloths, napkins, and runners.

Table covers help to convey the subject and level of service at your eatery or occasion while protecting tables and making the welcoming visual appeal. If you own a perfect and elegant dining table cover, then you can enhance the appealing of your dining experiences.

What to Consider When Purchasing Table Linens

Table covers can represent the moment of truth in the picture you're trying to portray. From kid-friendly, expendable plastic table covers to upscale fabric materials for your five-star setting, the options are endless.

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Here are a couple of things you'll need to consider

  • Size and shape
    - A table linen size helps communicate the overall level of formality. For casual occasions, a 6-8" drop is suitable; for formal occasions, a 10-15" drop is all the more fitting.
  • The tone of Room or Event
    - Table Cloths help set the state of mind for a dinner - regardless of whether lighthearted and happy, rich and romantic, or genuine and proficient.
  • Material
    - Material table cloths help make upscale settings and are intended to withstand daily use, while dispensable covers are better for casual occasions and generally single-use only.
  • Shading
    - While white tablecloth and ivory are regular for formal settings, strong hues make dramatic sceneries and festive displays when facilitated with other tabletop elements.
  • Cleanup Requirements
    - Bigger offices with extra room and washing equipment can accommodate reusable tablecloths, while on-the-go administrations and casual occasions may prefer dispensable covers.
  • Cost
    - With such huge numbers of table linen options accessible, it's possible to find table covers that meet every one of your needs, including fitting into your spending plan!

How To Choose The Perfect Table Cover

Finding the ideal size and perfect tablecloth for your table is a simple procedure. All you have to get right is the ideal shade and drop for your table linen. It doesn't make a difference what matters what shape it is, regardless of whether it be square tablecloth, rectangular or round tablecloths, We will give you the best guide to choose the best and perfect table linen for your table.


Step 1: Identify Your Table Size

Knowing the size of your table is an urgent part of picking the right tablecloth. It will help figure out what style you select for each table setting. Measure the length and width of the tabletop.

You will need to measure the accompanying:

  • Length of the tabletop
  • Width of the tabletop
  • Height from tabletop to the floor

Step 2: Determine the Desired Tablecloth Drop

Would you like your table cover to drop down to the floor? Would you like it to drop 12"? Shouldn't something be said about 15"? Choosing to what extent you'd like your table cover to hang will decide the size required.

Tip- If you plan on having people seated at the table, a suggested drop is 12-15" for maximum solace and comfort.

Step 3: Select the Right Size Tablecloth

When you have estimated the table and decided the ideal tablecloth drop, the time has come to decide the tablecloth size required. It is entirely a straightforward figure to decide this.

  • Side 1: Length of tabletop + (wanted drop x 2)
  • Side 2: Width of tabletop + (wanted drop x 2)

Step 4: Decide the Color of Your Tablecloth

Your table cover shading can easily be determined by the kind of event or occasion you will be facilitating. The shade of your table cloth decides the state of mind you wish to make, the theme of a room and it can add drama to a lifeless table setting.

Tip- If the objective for your chose tablecloth is a long haul, pick neutral colors, for example, white, dark, ivory, beige, taupe or dark brown to guarantee the use of these clothes for different occasions over a long period.

Step 5: Determine the Number of Table Linens Required:

For hotels and meal halls, buy an additional 2 dozen napkins for every 100 napkins. For every 10 tablecloths you need, you should arrange an extra 2pcs. For instance, if you have 30 tables, you should arrange at least 36 tablecloths.

What amount of shade ought to there be on a tablecloth?

Tablecloth Overhang. In a casual setting, it's standard to have around six creeps of shade on all sides of the table. An increasingly formal setting may utilize eight to twelve creeps of shade. You should measure the height of the tables you might want to use.

What amount of drop ought there to be on a tablecloth?

Through some research a tablecloth drop length of around 8 inches is commonly suggested, however, a more extended drop length sometimes suggested for formal dining events even as long as 12 inches.


The table runner is a thin length of material laid on the tablecloth or an uncovered table. Table runners are utilized in a variety of ways:

  • Set out the focal point of the table for design
  • Laid over the table to characterize seating, or Used to carry out a theme
  • To accommodate the normal place setting, the tablecloth is roughly 14 to 17 inches wide, and the drop at the ends is around 15 inches down

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