How to decide the color of your bed sheets?
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Are you finding it difficult to decide the color of your bed sheets? Then this guide is for you. There are lots of great bread spread colors that you can choose from, but the abundance of colors can leave you confused! This guide by Pushplinen will help you select your ideal bed spread by color.

Your Style Matters

What color attracts you at first sight? If you aren’t quite sure, check your wardrobe for the color of clothes you normally buy. If your wardrobe is filled with neutrals such as tan, grey, and black then you may want to choose a these colors as color of your bed sheet, since that’s what you love.

If your closet is bright and cheery with lots of yellows, reds, and pinks then a bright color bed sheet may be you. Don’t buy a color that you won’t fall in love with the instant you set your eyes on it.

Your Theme Matters Too

If your bedroom is new or doesn’t currently have a team, you can choose any color available. However, if your bedroom is already color coordinated with a few different colors, then you should buy best color bed sheets that will complement the colors in the room.

You don’t really have to buy one that will match the color of your room, but don’t buy bed sheet color that will clash with the existing colors. If your room is already adorned with yellows, reds, or purples, then consider buying a neutral color like tan or white to complement the theme.

If your bedroom is adorned with neutral colors like whites, grays, tans, or blues, you can go for bright color bed sheet set to lighten up the quieter colors in your room. For example, a bedroom with black accents and grey walls would easily be complimented with yellow sheets to add light to the space.

The Color Wheel Will Guide You

There are two different group of colors: warm and cool. Warm colors are the brighter colors such as red, green, and yellow. Cooler colors are white, blue, tan, and grey.

If you already have a headboard that is a certain color, looking at a color wheel will help you choose the color that would directly compliment the headboard.

All you have to do is find the color that is in your bedroom and draw a line through the color wheel to the other side to choose the color that best compliment that particular shade.

Consider Your Goal

Sleep is a time when your body needs vital rest. Opting for a soothing color such as blue or grey, can help stimulate your brain to know that it is time to settle down for the night.

These colors are proven to calm the brain and stimulate your body to slow down.

There are so many different beautiful colors to choose from Pushplinen and knowing what colors that draws you can help in making your bed sheet color choice.

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