How To Make Baby Bedding Set At Home

It looks like you’re having a baby. Congratulations! If you’re here to search for inspiration for making your baby bedding set at home, you’ve come to the right place.

There are so many benefits of making the baby bedding set yourself. However, the most significant benefit would be the choice of fabric you can use. As you know, babies have very sensitive skin, which makes the skin prone to rash and skin allergy. That’s why some mothers choose to do their baby bedding set at home.

What Includes in A Baby Bedding Set

A baby bedding set includes typically:-

  • A Dust Ruffle (Bed Skirt)
  • Bumpers (Safety Pillows on the crib’s side)
  • A Quilt (Blanket / Comforter)

You can add a fitted bed sheet to it, but you can just use some fabric and sew a hem on all sides then use it as a bedsheet.

Now, let’s jump to how you can make every single piece of them.

What Do You Need To Start

For a full baby bedding set, you will need:

  • A few yards of 3 different patterns of fabric (choose the most quality one for your baby)
  • Measurement tape & a ruler
  • Marking pen
  • Fabric pin
  • Sewing machine or thread (a tool will speed up the time)
  • Few sheets of paper
  • Hook and loop tape (for the dust ruffle)
  • Fabric glue
  • Cotton or fabric filling as your choice

You might need some extra accessories for the quilt blanket elastic tape to hold the bumpers, but that are just extras.

Next, let’s get into the needy-gritty of how to make a baby bedding set at home.

Here Are The Step-by-step To Make Your Baby Bedding Set At Home

Step 1: Measurement

You can use the mattress or the crib as a measurement. Make sure you add about 1 inch to each number for error.

For the Dust Ruffle, you need 4 pieces in total.

(2) rectangle pieces with the length of the mattress & [the thick of the mattress x 2]

Example: if the mattress length is 52” and the thickness is 6” then your measurement for this is 52” x 12” (and add 1 inch for error)

(2) rectangle pieces with the width of the mattress & [the thickness x 2]

For the Bumpers, you will need 8 pieces in total.

(4) rectangle pieces with the length of the mattress & about 6’’ to 10’’

(4) rectangle pieces with the wide of the mattress & about 6” to 10’’ (make sure you match the others 4 pieces or they’ll look odd)

For the Quilt, you will need 2 pieces identical with the length and the width of the mattress.

Step 2: Cut & Pin

First, you can draw your measurements on the sheet of paper and then use the marking pen to draw on the fabric. If you think you can do it straight on the material, you can do that too.

Remember to add some error space if you haven’t added them already in the measurement step.

Then, you cut out all the pieces you need, and then you can pin all the sides together.

For the Dust Ruffle,, make sure you sew a hem on all sides just about ¼inch. You can do it without the hem, but it won’t look as beautiful.

For the Bumpers and the Quilt, turn the fabric inside out and put 2 together pin all the side. You do this, so when you turn it inside out, the beautiful pattern will show, and the sewing line will be hidden.

Be careful with all the pin because after you sew it with the sewing machine, it’ really hard to fix them.

Step 3: Sewing & Finish

With the sewing machine, sew all the sides that you pin for the Dust Ruffle. Leave a bit space for the Bumpers and the Quilt because you will stuff them.

For the Ruffle, pull out some thread to make the Ruffle and then tie the knock. Make sure you do it slowly, so you don’t mess up the structure or break the thread, and you have to do it again.

Then use fabric glue to stick the hook or the loop side to the length of the Ruffle. You can use some paper clippers to hold the fabric in place so.

The other one will go to the sides of the mattress. You can also use the hot glue as well because you don’t need to wash the mattress.

For the Bumpers and the Quilt. Turn them inside out and fill it with cotton or your choice of filling. For the Quilt, don’t fill up too much because you will need to sew it up nicely later, and it will get too hot for the baby.

After you fill everything, make sure you seal the opening by hand or sewing machine (sometimes it’s more tricky to use the machine for this)

At this step, you can decorate the Bumpers with some liners and add an elastic string to hold them to the inside of the crib.

For the quilt, use some tape to mark a few diagonal lines and sew it to make the filling evenly. It’s okay if you don’t do this, but after a while, the filler may spread to only one side, which makes one side hot and one side cool.

Finally, you can attach some Quilt liners or accessories after you cut off excess materials if you like. Some of the accessories you could use are ribbon, liners, beads.

Ending Note

So that is how you make a full baby bedding set, which includes Dust Ruffle, A Quilt and Bumpers at home using some simple material.

You can do this for yourself or as a gift for a baby shower. You’ll find it’s fun to do them at home and save a lot more money than buy them from the store.

Comment below if you have any difficulty when making it at home. Share this with your friends and family if this article helps.


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