How to Put a Fitted Sheet on a King Sized Bed

To properly make a bed it is important to have not only a comforter and a flat sheet, but also a fitted sheet. Making a bed is not a difficult task, but it is still important to understand how to do it correctly. Though putting a fitted sheet on a king-sized bed is the same as any other size of bed, it can present some difficulties given its larger size. To make your bed just right, find a partner and a fitted sheet and get ready to assemble.


Step 1

The first step, and the most important thing before assembling a fitted sheet onto a bed is to make sure that you have a king-sized fitted sheet for your king-sized mattress. Once you ensure that you have the correct sized sheet for your mattress, lay it out onto the mattress, making sure the correct side is facing upwards. Note that due to the elastic on a fitted sheet, the sheet will not lay completely flat.

Step 2

On every mattress, there is a tag located somewhere. Identify where this tag is located on your sheet, and make sure the area with the tag is near the foot of the mattress.


Step 3

Now that the sheet is laying atop the mattress, it is time to begin to assemble it onto the mattress. Pick a corner to start with at the foot of the bed, taking the corner of the sheet and pulling it over the corner of the mattress. To assure the sheet stays fixed, pull the elastic under the mattress.

Step 4

Having one corner of the sheet now fitted on the mattress, take the other corner of the sheet at the foot of the bed, and repeat what you did in step three. Take the elastic of the sheet and fix it under the corner of the mattress.


Step 5

At this point, the sheet should be fitted at the foot of the bed. It now may be time to have the helpful hands of someone else to assist you in fitting the sheet at the head of the bed. Pull the sheet towards the head of the bed, pulling the elastic under the one corner. If you have someone assisting, they may work at the other corner near the head, or they may ensure that the corners at the foot of the bed stay secure.

Step 6

Take the remaining corner of the sheet and pull it toward the remaining corner at the head of the bed. Pull the sheet tight and secure the elastic under the corner. Now that all of the corners are secured, you may want to pull the sheet more on specific corners or sides to make your sheet wrinkle free.

With the fitted sheet now in place atop your mattress, you are ready to add a top sheet, a comforter, some blankets, and pillows and get cozy in bed!


What is the best way to put fitted Bedsheet on a King Size Bed?

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1. What side of the bed sheet goes up?

A patterned or monogrammed sheet is put face down so that the right side is both toward the sleeper and face up when folded over the other bedclothes.

2. Will a queen fitted sheet fit a king?

Queen fitted sheet cannot be used on a king sized bed as king sized bed is 14” to 18 inches wider. You could use the flat sheet but make sure that it is about 96” wide so you will not be able to tuck it under mattress.

3. How do you put a fitted sheet on a bed by yourself?

1. Lay down your fitted sheet on the mattress and spread it out as flat as possible

2. Grasp one corner of the fitted sheet over the top right corner of the mattress, pulling it under the mattress

3. Slip the sheet over the corner at the foot of the bed on the same side.


I hope this article will help you to put fitted bed sheets on a king size beds. However fitted sheets are better as compared to flat sheets. So while dealing with fitted sheets you don’t need to struggle with the fuss of making your bed again and again.

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