Table Decor Ideas Perfect for Gifting

It doesn’t matter if it is the peak of the holiday season that begins with Thanksgiving and only ends at the turn of the New Year, or it is summer picnic season – table decor always makes a nice gift. And if we were to rank one item as the very best table decor idea for gift-giving, we would have to say it is the tablecloth.

The Tablecloth Sets the Stage

With one easy switch, a tablecloth or runner can turn your autumn-rich look into a jolly Christmas table and then to a bright springtime look. The trick is to choose a cloth that pairs well with the existing tableware and other pieces. For example, if you are going to gift someone with an autumnal tablecloth ideal for their Thanksgiving celebration and other seasonal gatherings, find out the basic color scheme of their tableware to ensure it will coordinate.

Keep in mind that nothing has to be a precise match. For example, a green and white Stafford shire print will look quite amazing with an autumn print full of orange and brown hues, if paired properly. That same tableware, however, will also look lovely on a crisp white linen cloth, or a boldly colored summertime theme.

One real key to choosing the best table decor to give as a gift is to understand the tones that will complement one another. This is something you can figure out using a color wheel and looking for colors that are opposite one another on the wheel, such as orange and the cool tones of blue or yellow and the cool tones of purple.

A tablecloth doesn’t even have to be in a bold color to become the best gift for a holiday table or any other event. For example, a rustic linen tablecloth in a natural hue can be a wonderful base for a much brighter, bolder, or more decorative table runner. It can be a good balance to the table set with chargers rather than place-mats or plates put directly on the table.

Napkins Can Also Do the Trick

If you know the color and quality of the recipient’s table linens, then a lovely set of matching napkins is always going to be greatly appreciated. As an example, linen napkins that coordinate or match the existing cloth will be a wonderful gift. And the same applies if they don’t use a tablecloth at all. A beautiful set of high-quality, seasonal cloth napkins can allow someone who appreciates a minimalist style to add a touch of elegance, color, and texture to any setting.


A high-quality, solid tablecloth can also become an ideal gift and set the stage for almost any other sort of statement. For example, the rich brown or deep blue tablecloth of high-quality materials can be paired with almost any other hues and prints.

Placemats or Runners are Also Ideal

Whether or not someone likes to set their table with an array of linens or goes for the basic look, you might also want to gift them a stylish table runner. This can be the area where they set other decorative items such as candlesticks or even the dishes served at the meal.

Think of the runner in many of the same ways you might think of a tablecloth when it is to be used on a bare table. It can also pair beautifully with a tablecloth and serve as a visual point of contrast or to highlight a decorative area of the table.


Cloth placemats are also a great way to help someone decorate their table, and especially if they are designed to really pop against the setting. They can be in a color that contrasts or coordinates with the setting, the linens, or with the material of the tabletop. For example, pale linen placemats on a dark wooden table can make the tableware much more noticeable than if the plates were placed on the bare table, alone.

Think of linens as frames and spotlights for whatever is usually positioned on the table, and then choose a gift that will allow those areas to simply stand apart more. As an example, the recipient frequently uses a large, decorative wooden cutting board for serving bread and other nibbles. That board on a wooden table may be at risk for remaining indistinct. Place it on a tablecloth or runner of a lighter color or hue, and it suddenly stands out and makes a strong statement of style.


So, if you want to give a gift of table decor, a truly high-quality runner is a wonderful idea, and even more so if paired with a contrasting tablecloth.

Handmade with Love

The linens you select to give as table gifts should also be of the highest quality possible. Whether it means they have hand-finished borders, embroidery, unique edges, or are of a rustic design, the idea of handmade items adds a lot of value to any gift.

And though we have stated plainly that table linens are the ideal gift for those who enjoy decorating their tables, it is also a good idea to think of the “other’ ways to dress up a table, and then seek out handmade items such as:

  • Handmade ceramics that can be used on their own as serving pieces or as stand-out items in a place setting
  • Handmade candles and/or candle holders
  • Candleholder
  • Napkin rings
  • NapkinRing
  • Wine glass markers
  • Wine Glass Markers

It is easy to see that you don’t have to think too far outside of the box to find the perfect gift for someone who likes to set a beautiful table. It is difficult to beat the usefulness of a properly sized tablecloth, and it can be the ideal starter gift for someone in a new home or someone whose dining area is limited to their kitchen table. Even if it is a simple style with double embroidery, it will be greatly appreciated by anyone who receives it. Be sure to take the proper measurement and look for something that will offer years of service, and you are sure to delight with your thoughtfulness.