What are the different types of bed sheets

If you’re going to buy bed sheets online, they can be very difficult for you to look through the types of bed sheets that might be available to you. Even if you’re going to be shopping at a department store it’s tough to take out the sheets and experience them or feel like you’re going to know what it’s like to have them on the bed.

When taking a look at the different types of bedsheets, you will need to determine the best kind that will suit your bed and decide on something that is going to work for your needs as well. 

In this article, we're going to explore what some of the best types of bed sheets may be and help you learn the difference between types of bed sheets so you can be ready when you buy sheets online.

The Different Types of Bedsheets:


    1. 1. Cotton Bed Sheets

Cotton sheets may seem like they are fairly generic and like every type is created in roughly the same way. On any type of sheet set, the quality of the cotton is going to be rated and this often comes down to the weave, the length of the Staples, the thread count, and more. 

When rating the type of cotton sheets that you can get it is important to learn more about terms like Egyptian cotton, American upland cotton, Pima or Supima. These areas all-cotton blends but Egyptian cotton is widely considered to be the top type of cotton on the market.

1. Egyptian Cotton 

The price of this cotton is very high and this is the highest quality cotton available in the sheet market. It is usually made with an extra-long-staple that gives us a feel of a luxurious finish. This cotton is ultra-soft yet it is more breathable

2. Pima/Supima

This cotton is a trademark term for America Pima cotton, comes with long-staple cotton it is known for its softness and shine. This cotton is usually known for its durability and strength

3. American Upland 

When you see cotton stated as 100 percent cotton then there are chances that this cotton is made from Upland Cotton. This type of cotton is short-staple cotton and known for its durability however, it is slightly rough. 

The best thing about this cotton is that this cotton is very common and inexpensive but it will not be suitable for cozier sheets 

  1. 2. Synthetic Flannel Bed Sheets

Even though flannel is mostly designed as a cotton variety, there are also some synthetic blends that can keep you even warmer while you sleep. Flannel is often not measured by thread count at all but the quality of the cotton and the materials that are put into each square yard. Flannel materials are also woven in a two ply sheet to make sure that the materials have extra strength and warps.

  1. 3. Tencel Bed Sheets

This is a branded material that’s produced of a wood pulp from an eucalyptus tree. It’s not as breathable as cotton but it can help hold more heat giving you a smooth sheet that can keep you warmer throughout cold evenings.

  1. 4. Silk Bed Sheets

Silk is a luxurious material for your sheets. It is produced by silkworms and it offers an extreme lavish feeling for your sheets that can be tough to beat. If you’re looking for a cooler sleeping spot it’s hard to compete with a silk sheet set.

  1. 5. Bamboo Bed Sheets

Bamboo is fast becoming one of the best types of sheet sets on the market because its eco-friendly and the fibers can be woven into durable sheets. Rayon is soft and durable and often feels like a Egyptian cotton but for far less money. 

The only downside to using bamboo is that it’s often chemically processed in some cheaper sheet designs.

  1. 6. Microfiber Bed Sheets

Microfiber is a nylon or a woven polyester. This sheet is softer and more comfortable to sleep rather than sleeping on traditional sheets. However these sheet is not a much breathable as other polyter options, so it will not help you to keep you cool throughout the night but, it will be good for cold conditions 

They are of right choice if your child is a little bit funny and enjoys eating on bed because this sheet is rarely stain and durable. Also it is much softer than polyester that makes it very comfortable to sleep on 

  1. 7. Linen Bed Sheets 

Linen Sheets are made from the natural fiber of the flax plant from Europe which is highest among the quality types of linen. The appearance of these sheets has a natural color and comes with an appearance of rustic 

Every time you wash these sheets, the durable fabric softens it but it is very prone to wrinkles and pills. Linen Sheets are best when they are air dried

As you can compare with cotton you will notice that Linen has low thread count and Linen Sheets with a thread count of 120 or more are considered as good quality 

Types of Bed Sheet Weaves


The weave of sheets:

The weave of sheets that are offered can also be important. Just because a sheet has an excellent cotton type, it doesn’t mean that it will be designed with the same structural durability or for the same amount of warmth.

Types of Bed Sheet Weaves include:

  1. 1. Flannel:


This is a twill weave which is softer and designed to be a warmer or thicker weave.

  1. 2. Percale:

This is a plain style weave that is designed as a tighter cotton weave to create a softer and smoother finish.

  1. 3. Sateen:

This weave is lush and silky; it offers an extremely durable option when compared to some of the common cotton weaves. For people to one a slightly warmer atmosphere in their bed, this serves as an excellent choice.

  1. 4. Jersey Knit:
 Jersey knit

This is a weave that is cotton mixed with synthetic blend. Includes a knit style we’ve rather than a woven weave. The top and an excellent material for people that grow cold in the evening.

  1. 5. Your thread count:
thread count

The thread count initiative will often come down to details that can make or break a quality sheet set. The number horizontal and vertical threads in each square inch will determine the quality of the sheets that you can access. We often assume that there is a high enough thread count in an average weave, but this durability can compromise the softness. When looking at any thread count on sheets, you need to consider an option is going to be 250 thread count or higher just to ensure that the weave will give you a great feeling on the bed

2 or 1 ply:

It’s likely that you’ve heard these terms when describing toilet paper or paper towels in the past. To fly sheets are often woven in a looser fashion than single ply sheets and this often makes them feel tougher to the touch as well as much less durable.

 A single ply is often considered to be a higher quality if it has a good quality of cotton and a high thread count. This makes for sheets that are durable and soft.

What are the Best Types of Bed Sheets?

The best types of bed sheets are often made out of high-quality cotton, with a higher thread count and designed in a single ply design. 

If you can access a sheet style that matches all of these requirements, you can make sure that you end up with a sheet that is going to last you for a long period of time. 

Of course you might have to compare several brands of sheets to find out the one that is going to work for you and feel good on your bed.

 With some experimentation and feeling out some of the top sheet varieties, you can work at discovering the best types of bed sheets that will suit your style and your bed shape. 

It can often take time to discover the type of sheets that are going to work best with your style and the feeling that you would expect from your sheet design.

Bed Sheet Sizes


  Twin Twin XL Full Queen King Cali King
Flat Sheet 66” x 96” 72” x 114” 81” x 96” 90”x 102” 102” x 105”

108” x 102”

Fitted Sheet 39” x 75” 39” x 80” 54” x 75” 60” x 80” 78” x 80” 72” x 84”


The measurement of sheet and mattress are not always uniform. So it is best that you select the best and exact mattress dimensions before considering purchasing it so that it can fit perfectly for you. 

Standard Pockets Deep Pockets Extra Deep Pockets 
7-14” 15” 16-22”


If you have a thick mattress or a mattress topper then you should consider flat sheets with deep pockets. However, most of the sheets which are fitted wont fit for a mattress if it is 14 inches thick or more 

4 Things to Consider When Buying Any Type of Bed Sheets


  1. Size 

When it comes to buying the first thing you should consider is size. You must select the bed sheet based on the size of your bed. All you have to do is measure the mattress depth and add 2 inches on every side to tuck in it. 

If you are looking to buy a cotton bed sheets then remember to buy a bigger size of bed sheet as it will shrink over a period of time 

  1. Fabric 

There are different types of bed sheets available starting from pure cotton to poly cotton as cotton is one of the most popular fabrics and is in great demand as well. 

If you are looking to buy weather specific sheets then you should go for flannel sheets as it gives a cozy feel throughout the night. Also if luxury is your priority then go for satin, silk and microfiber bed sheet which is best for you.

  1. Thread Counts 

Usually thread count means the number of thread per square inch in both directions in the weave. It is said that the more the thread count the more luxurious the fabric will feel and your comfort level will go up as well. 

So it is best that you should thread count not lower than 144 and above than 250. You must make sure that higher thread counts mean that they are thinner than individual threads. 

  1. Plain or Printed

If you have decorative and print designs on your furniture and wall then you must go for plain bed sheets. Similarly, if you have plain furniture and no decor on walls then you must go for printed bed sheets

Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What are the best types of bed sheets?

- There is 4 best types of bed sheets:
Percale - These sheets come with a basic weave that helps you to feel light and crisp
Sateen - It has a satin weave that gives you a silky smooth feel
Flannel - This sheet is extra cozy and soft that adds extra warmth
Jersey -  It has a stretchy material that feels like you are wearing a T-shirt 

2. How much money should you spend on bed sheets?

- High-quality sheets range from $50 to $150 dollars. However, you can search for a cheaper bedsheet which is less than $50 but they will wear down quickly and become uncomfortable. 

So it is better to pay a little more extra for long lasting bed sheets as compared to buying cheap bed sheets 

3. How long do bed sheets last?

Usually most of the bed sheets last about three to five years maximum but it is based on their durability and material quality. So you must wash your sheets regularly to maintain your sheet for a longer period of time.

4. What comes in a Sheet set?

Bed sheets usually come with fitted sheets, flat sheets and two more pillowcases. However, if sheets are a part of a bed in a bag set, so they must also include small decorative places 



High Quality Bed Sheets are essential to a good night’s rest. However, personal choice does not play a role when you are choosing between different types of bed sheets but you should consider if you are a hot or cold sleeper and the climate. 

If you are on a good amount of budget then you can go for high quality bed sheets at a decent price. One thing you must remember is that you must shop for value instead of going for low quality sheets as they will make you replace sheets frequently.

If you would like to learn more about sheets to suit your needs, be sure to check into some of the top varieties that are available to buy online.


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