Full vs Queen Mattress Dimensions

All you need to know about Full vs Queen Mattress Dimensions

With a wide range of mattresses available on the market, selecting the right bed size can be a daunting task. So, when it comes to full vs queen bed sizes, queen mattresses are very popular and work great in the master bedroom. In this post, we share queen vs full dimensions along with the pros and cons of each.

Full Mattress

Dimensions : 54” x 75”
Surface Area : 3,975 square inches
Bedroom Size : Guest rooms or smaller bedrooms
Best For : Young adults or couples who like to cuddle and guest rooms

Queen Mattress

Dimensions: 60” x 80”
Surface Area : 4,800 square inches
Bedroom Size : Master bedrooms
Best For : Taller adults or couples who like to sprawl out

Typically, a queen-size mattress is 60” wide and 80” long with a surface area of 4,800 square inches. On the other hand, a full-size mattress is 53” wide and 75” long with a surface area of 3,975 square inches.

Simply put, a queen mattress is seven inches wider and five inches longer than a full mattress. The queen-sized mattress is a great choice for couples but not for tall couples or those who prefer extra room. For single sleepers, a full-sized mattress is a better choice.

Now that you are clear about full vs queen size , let’sget to know the pros and cons of each.

Queen Bed

These beds are larger than the double bed but smaller than the Cal-King and King-sized bed.


1. Great for master bedrooms
2. Perfect choice for single adults or couples
3. Provides more room for couples who like to move around
4. Easy to find accessories for


1. Heavier than full
2. Slightly expensive

According to a survey by the Sleep Products Association, queen beds are popular bed sizes in the U.S and accounted for 32% of the mattress market.

Full Bed

Commonly known as a double bed, a full bed is usually 16 inches wider than a twin bed but smaller than a queen.


  • Can find accessories easily
  • Slightly cheaper than queen
  • Can be moved easily


  • It may be small for couples
  • Not large enough to accommodate pets or kids

Queen vs full: How to choose?

Before you select a mattress, consider the following:-

  • Your current sleeping environment
  • Do you need a bed with more space?
  • Do you need a bed for your guest room?

A queen-sized mattress is a great choice if you’re looking for more space. It is spacious enough for a couple and even offers extra room for pets and kids.

Choose a full-sized bed if you're looking to fill your guest room. They are great for single sleepers and are less expensive. Also, they can be moved around easily. So, if you're planning to relocate, a full-sized bed is just what you need!

Things to consider before choosing a mattress

As we spend about one-third of our life sleeping, it is important to invest in a good mattress. Of course, all of us have a different perspective, and no one size fits all solution for a mattress. So, you must consider a few aspects before shopping for your mattress.

1. Age

While age is not a major concern when shopping for mattresses, some mattress sizes are popular with a certain age group. For example, kids who have recently grown out of their cribs may start with either a twin or twin XL-sized mattress. Teenagers and young adults may prefer using the full-size mattress. Taller or larger individuals may opt for a queen mattress especially if they are sharing it with a partner.

2. Room size

A major concern when it comes to choosing a mattress is how it will fit in your room. While Twin and Twin XL size mattresses fit well in smaller rooms such as kids' rooms, a Full-size mattress is ideal for guest bedrooms. It is also a great choice for college dorm rooms and medium-sized bedrooms. Queen mattresses work well for master bedrooms.

You have to consider how much space the mattress will dominate in your room. You should ensure that there is still enough space for your belongings and that your bed isn’t using up the entire room.

3. Size of sleeper

If a mattress is too short or large, it may not be comfortable for the sleeper to sleep on. A short mattress can lead to a very poor night's rest and cause some discomfort while a larger mattress may take up unnecessary amount of space.

4. Single vs couples

Different mattresses will be suited for single or couples. Twin, Twin XL, and full-size mattresses are small enough to accommodate a single person. However, if you share your bed with a partner, it is recommended that you choose a wider mattress such as a king or Cal-king mattress.

5. Mattress height

The height of the mattress is as important as its length and width. When we get out of bed, we put a lot of stress on our back and joints. So, it is important to ensure that your mattress isn’t too high or low to the ground.

A shorter person may find it difficult to get out of bed with a high mattress and a taller person may find a low mattress is hurting their back and joints.

Now that you are aware of queen vs full-size dimensions, ensure you know the dimensions of the other mattresses when shopping for a new mattress.

6. Moving the mattress

If you are a person who relocates often or enjoys reorganizing the room often, you will have to opt for a mattress that you can move around easily especially if you’re the one who has to move it.

Other mattress sizes

If you feel queen and full-size mattresses are just not for you, here are a few other sizes you can think of :-

1. Twin

Perfect children and adults with small living space, twin size mattress measures 38x75 inches.

2. Twin XL

Similar to a Twin mattress but with an extra length of 5 inches, a Twin XL mattress measures 38x80 inches. It is a good option for taller individuals who need extra legroom.

3. California King

Measuring 72x84 inches, a California King mattress is suitable for taller individuals or couples who prefer to sleep close together.

4. King

A king bed is the same as putting two twin XL mattresses together and measures 76x80 inches, King-size mattresses are the largest standard mattress on the market.


1. How much bigger is a queen mattress than a full-size mattress?

A queen size is seven inches wider and five inches longer than a full mattress.However, queen dimensions vs full vary according to their brand so, you will have to check before you shop one.

2. Can you clean the mattress?

Yes. Ideally, you should clean your mattress twice a year.

3. How to clean the mattress?

To clean the mattress, you will need a vacuum with an upholstery attachment, a cleaning agent, laundry detergent, baking soda, cleaning cloth, and cold water.

Follow the steps:-

  1. Strip the bed and remove all mattress cover, pillowcases, sheets, etc.
  2. Use the upholstery attachment of your vacuum cleaner to clean the entire surface of the mattress. Pay special attention to the seams and any crevices to remove any hidden dirt or dust.
  3. Next, get any stains out of the mattress using the spot cleaning method. Never apply water or cleaning solution directly. Also, never soak the mattress in water directly. Also remember, memory foam should not get wet at all, So, it’s important to proceed with caution.
  4. Put your mattress out in the sun and air dries it. If you can’t, sprinkle baking soda over the entire top of the mattress and leave it overnight. Baking soda will help absorb any moisture or odour and break down acid.
  5. Once the baking soda has worked its magic, vacuum again.
  6. Now, you have one side clean. Flip the mattress and repeat the above steps to ensure both sides are clean and fresh.

4. Is a full-size mattress spacious enough for two people?

It depends on your requirements. For instance, if you need more room to spread out or if you move a lot in your sleep, a full-size bed may be small for you. Also, if you or your partner is taller or wider than average, you will have to consider a bigger size mattress.

5. What is better for couples- full or queen mattress?

Full-size mattresses don't offer much space for two adult sleepers. They are more suitable for single adult sleepers who co-sleep with a child or a pet or a single adult sleeper who wants an extra room to spread out while sleeping.

For a couple, we recommend you stick to the queen, king, or Cal-king size mattresses. These are big enough to accommodate two people to get a comfortable sleep.

6. Which size mattress is best for you?

For single sleepers, both full and queen are great options. A larger mattress size provides more room for optimal comfort. However, make sure to have enough space for additional furniture and space to work around before making a decision.

Final thoughts

As can be seen, several factors have to be considered when shopping for a mattress. You will have to find the one that is comfortable for you. Hopefully, this post will help you find the best mattress.