How to Style Your Bed - Top 10 Bedding Trends to Follow in 2021

Trends are always changing. As soon as something begins to take hold, it seems as if it's already out. In 2021, defining trends has been harder, but one thing is for sure, functionality and comfort are definitely in.
The bedroom post-2020 has become a safe haven. It is where most people spend their hours, be it working or just lounging and relaxing. As a result, there's a lot more that goes into keeping it prim and proper.

We've gathered some trending styles and tips for bedding to give you a complete view of what's in and what's not. Explore them below and make the perfect choices for your room!

1. Sage-Green Is The Color

Calming, soft, and sophisticated - that's how interior designer Andra DelMonico describes this shade in a chat with Insider. It is the perfect color to balance your room as it holds a soothing presence. Since beds mostly have a prominent size and appearance in a room, choosing bedding of this shade is bound to tie in the overall aura! DelMonico suggests paring this green with soft shades like yellow, pastels, and cream.
You can also complement your decor with this shade; go for brass or golden decor to add a sleek touch to it.

2. Choose Natural Textiles

As we go in and out of lockdowns, it's easy to miss the vibrancy and simplicity of the outdoors when surrounded by your devices and chores. So as a grounding and comforting addition, go for bedding in natural textiles like cotton, linen, and silk. Again, consider hues that are closer to nature, like greens, yellows, blues, and browns. If you prefer something more vibrant, you can go for floral patterns as well!
Another added benefit of using natural textiles is that cotton is breathable, so if you are spending a majority of time in bed, you're not going to feel uncomfortable. Since cotton is hypoallergenic, it is also great for sensitive skin. Silk is great for some extra luxury and reduces friction, leaving you with less frizzy hair when you wake up.

3. The Mattress Matters

An often overlooked essential, the mattress is the most important when it comes to your bedroom. If your mattress isn't in good condition, your sleep is bound to be disturbed. So this is the perfect time to invest in a good mattress. A good quality mattress can last years and save your back some unwanted damage! You have various options in the market beyond just memory foam, so do your research to ensure a good night's rest.

4. Bring In Comfort

If you are someone who loves to lounge in bed and watch movies or work, you could get a bed tray. This way, you can sit up and comfortably attend to your devices. Another great addition to your room would be a pull down tv mount. They can help conserve space and give you the luxury of adjusting the viewing height as you binge-watch your favorite shows. Remember that comfort is key when it comes to your bedroom, as this is the place you come to relax!

5. Headboards Hold Importance

Headboards are trending with unique designs and additions! This is especially so if you are someone who loves to work on your bed rather than at a table, as sitting up and resting your back are a priority. You can consider much taller options, giving you more room for personalization and making it a statement piece. Opt for rich patterns that show off your personality. There has been a rise in curved silhouettes and cushioned designs. Whatever your choice, make sure it compliments your room's decor.

6. Mix and Match

Your bedding does not have to be a set! While you can definitely buy them as one, you can always mix them up. Keep the essence tied to your overall bedroom's look, and you can play around with colors and patterns to keep it exciting. If you aren't too much of a fan of the mix and match trend, consider a throw blanket of a different shade to bring in some contrast.

7. Canopy Bed Frames

A bed frame will add a dramatic touch to your room. They add in a luxurious look without too much change. True to its name, it helps frame the room's overall decor and stands out majestically. Bed frames are more of a long-term addition, so choose yours after great consideration of the design and feel of your room. While the canopy design is now trending, you are free to choose one that you prefer!

8. Functionality Is A Statement

No more hiding your clutter and room in those video calls. Go for functional storage options like foldable bags or boxes that you can fit below your bed. You can add some sleek skirting to keep them concealed. In addition, look to make functional changes to your bedding. Make sure to use a top sheet that you take off at night and consider using protectors for your mattress. This is because the more time you spend on your bed, the higher the chances of a coffee or tea spill.

9. Consider Sofa Beds

A great way to save space, bring in trends, and account for functionality, sofa beds are becoming popular again in 2021. This is especially so if you are someone who hosts friends in the new normal today. Go for something bright and vibrant, and choose bedding that conveys the same. This is a versatile design worth investing in. So, take your time and do your research before you commit to one. You can add a pop of style to it by throwing in patterned cushions and a trendy blanket.



Of the many trends that come and go, your personal taste is the one that trumps it all. So you can consider trends, but work them to your choice and personality. After all, decor, bedding, furniture, and more are all artistic expressions, so let your creativity flow!

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