Reasons Why Most Hotel Beds Don’t Have Fitted Sheets

Hotels are always been a source of residents for travelers. It provides comfort during their stay at a particular place far away from home. This comfort is somehow associated with hotel beds where a person can lay down to ease their tiredness. They play a vital role in the comfort and discomfort of a particular person. Hotel beds are covered beautifully with the help of sheets termed bed sheets. The Sheets used by hotel beds are mostly smooth, don't have elastic corners, and give a beautiful look to the bed. When you dig down to those Bed Sheets, you might have noticed that Hotel bed sheets are flexible, comfortable, flat, and temperature regulating and that's for sure are not the qualities of Fitted Sheets. In particular, hotels don’t have Fitted Bed Sheets.

To know the reason behind this, Let’s have a look at some pros and cons of Fitted and Flat Sheets.

What are Fitted Bed Sheets?

A fitted bed sheet or fitted sheet also called a bottom sheet is the type of sheet that can be securely put on the mattress and cover the whole mattress. It has pockets at all four corners that are tightened with elastic, so the sheet will be very secure once put on the bed, and surely won’t move around and easily pop off. Getting the right size fitted sheet for your bed is important or you will not be able to put it on.

Reasons For not having fitted bed sheets:-

Fitted bed Sheets have always been a challenge to carry about. It holds a few potential drawbacks that Hotels should consider for not having them in hotels bed.

Let’s have a look at them. So, you can make a better decision.

1. Fitted Bed Sheets are in particular difficult to apply on the mattress. Fitting this type of sheet on a mattress is a huge task. As you know, not all mattresses of the same nominal size (i.e., twin, double, queen, and king, etc.). Mattress sizes may vary. It is difficult to make a conventional fitted sheet that will fit all the different mattress sizes in the nominal group. Sometimes, it gets onto the mattress, but sometimes it seems impossible to fit a fitted sheet on the mattress.
Generally, a hotel comprises a large number of bedrooms, and facing the difficulty to fit them onto each bed is such a time-consuming task. So, that’s part of the reason that hotels don’t choose to use fitted sheets.

2. The elasticity of the fitted sheet can make it harder to fold up. If you want to fold fitted sheets neatly, then it will be completely impossible to do this task. In general, ironing fitted bed sheets are slightly more difficult than others due to their elastic pockets on corners. As, they can’t fold properly, So, its handling and transporting is a challenge.

3. After putting it onto the mattress wrinkles will appear on the fitted sheet and ironing out these wrinkles can be a pain. As hotels tend to buy more sheets than most of us, ironing a huge number of fitted Sheets can prove a major discomfort for hotel staff. Hence, using fitted sheets can’t prefer in hotels.

4. Well, Folding and Ironing are not only the reason hotels don’t go for fitted sheets, they are also difficult to handle for laundering purposes. Laundering Fitted Sheets are not a friendly task. Fitted Sheets are made up of material that requires more care. So, fitted bed sheets require special washing and drying materials which will be difficult for hotels.

5. Storage is also a major reason for hotels not having Fitted Sheets. Fitted Sheets have pocket corners, they need a little extra space for their storage. Hotels have limited space for storing, here it causes a major problem.

6. Fitted Sheets fitting, folding, and ironing takes a lot of time. As In hotels, where time and space are both equivalents to money, allotting extra time to fold fitted sheets and extra shelf space for their storage does not make good fiscal sense. Using flat sheets not only saves on laundry time and storage space but also ensures that the sheets’ usage is more likely to be rotated between the top sheet and bottom as the beds are made.

7. Another problem with fitted sheets is the difficulty of preventing bunching in the corners, causing the formation of "ears" by the bunched material. This can occur especially when applying the sheet to a thin mattress. This sort of problem can never be seen in a flat sheet. Though Flat sheets provide a range of standard sizes from single through to super king, perfect for folding and tucking.

According to some sources, Fitted Sheets are typically about 20 percent more expensive to acquire and service. After repeated washings, though, some fitted sheets lose their elasticity. Hence, their use in life is often much shorter than a flat sheet.

In comparison to fitted sheets, flat sheets don’t contain any elastic material. It is a simple, rectangular, or non-elasticated sheet that can act as a top sheet as well as the bottom sheet. A Flat bed sheet made up of a large cloth that can spread over the mattress. A flat sheet is a type of sheet that goes on the top of the Fitted Sheet and before the rest of the blankets. It can be easily adjustable to a hotel bed providing lots of ease and comfort to those who stay at hotels.

It can be easier to fit them to the mattress to act as a bottom sheet because you can simply tuck the edges under without having to battle with the corners pinging off. Folding Flat sheets are easy as compare to fitted sheets because of their smooth and simple surface. Flat sheets are straight sheets without any corner pockets or don’t contain any wrinkle similar to a fitted sheet. So, it's easy for hotel staff to Iron them correctly.

Flat Sheets allow temperature control. During warmer months it helps your body adjust the core temperature to a cooler state. In hot countries, it’s common for people to lie underneath a thin flat sheet.

Hotel beds demand beauty as it attracts people. A flat sheet can add an elegant yet attractive look to a hotel bed as it is folded over the top of the bed or blanket showing off the design feature of bed linen.

People who stay in hotels demand coziness. Flat sheet can help you feel warmer so that your sleep is not disrupted by being cold.

Flat sheets are not fixed on the size of the bed. They can be of varying sizes according to the mattress. By using a flat sheet, can make your bed neat even if you use the sheet in the different sizes of the bed. That will work if the sheet size is larger than the bed size. So, that way it provides flexibility to the hotel’s bed. Flat sheets are very comfortable for hotel beds. Though it does not have elasticity So, provides a very smooth surface for everyone who wants to minimize their tiredness.

Well, we can’t say that fitted sheets don’t have their supporters. Fitted sheets have their properties. If the right size of fitted sheet is chosen for the mattress and applied correctly, then surely this will provide a person with a very smooth and comfortable sleep. An important advantage of using a fitted sheet is less bed making. Once you get your fitted sheet fit onto your bed, then it will rarely happen to you to make your bed again and again.

A fitted bed sheet can be much easier in less bed making. You need only to pull your comforter over and get on with your day! Its maintenance is also quite easy due to its stickiness with the bed. As it will fit onto the mattress so we don’t need to align it again and again. Lastly, fitted bed sheets protect the mattress. It protects the mattress covers from stains, tears, rips, and spills. Fitted sheets can provide extra protection for those with allergies.

In final words, it’s really up to a matter of taste for choosing a fitted bed sheet or a flat bed sheet. Both sheets have their pros and cons depending upon the conditions. As Hotels beds demand a huge amount of comfort for those who stay, then flat bed sheets are best because it serves this purpose well.