What is Euro Sham?

A. What is A Euro Sham?

Euro Sham also known as Euro pillow or Euro sham pillow, is one of the simplest ways to dress up your bed. Sit the typically square pillows behind the bed and prop them up against the headboard.

The ornamental pillows have removable covers with an opening on their backside. The pillows are used to augment the looks of your room. The usual size of these European Continent pillows is 26 x 26 inches and 32 x 32 inches.

The literal meaning of pillow simulation is something that is a fake facade. The Euro-Shams fabric remains closely overlaid on these decorative pillows to deceive the viewer. Cushions are the best choice for those who have a tendency to comfort and beautification. Take the overall aesthetics of your room to a whole new level and improve the look.

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1.Why Euro Shams?

Earlier, pillow shams were considered unnecessary because of their high initial cost. But, once the people started using it, they realized how intimidating and comfortable these pillows were.

Euro Shams add a sense of style and fullness to your bedding. It is something that you should have in your closet.

The small investment leaves a tremendous visual impact adding to the interiors and looks of your room. The fluffiness and decorative look of the pillows add a dramatic appeal to your room.

2. What are the Different uses of Euro Shams?

eurosham eurosham

Apart from adding an aesthetic and dramatic look to your bedroom when place along the headboard vertically, Euro Sham has various other uses.

  1. 1. You can place them against the wall if you don’t have any headboard.
  2. 2. Euro Pillows might not be of good help while sleeping, but they are ultra-comfortable and super handy while reading, having breakfast, or watching TV.
  3. 3. As Euro shams are handy, you can use them anywhere in the home. Use them for coffee table dining or as floor pillows for kids.
  4. 4. If you have large sofas, you can use them as sofa pillows.
  5. 5. These pillows are a great solution for your pet’s beds.
  6. 6. Euro-Shams are used to cover non-decorative sleeping pillows. Postpone these delusions at night and enjoy a good night’s sleep on your regular pillows. It is a decorative facade for normal night cushions.

3. What is the Best Way to Style a Euro Sham?

Euro sham pillows are an excellent way to accessorize your beds. The most common strategy revolves around having Euro pillows with shams and matching the duvet cover case. In this setup, Shams are placed behind the textured or regular complimentary pillows. Alternatively, you can match the euro shams with standard pillow covers and match both with the duvet cover.

4. Tips for buying Euro Sham

Buying Euro Sham for the first time is a difficult task. Although the size is universal, several other factors must be considered before making a purchase.

  1. 1. The first thing you need to take care of is the thread count. You will find many fabrics with higher thread count but low quality.
  2. 2. A thread count of 400 is considered ideal for a perfect Euro sham.
  3. 3. The material is the next thing to consider. The choice depends on the type of appearance you want. If you like a glamorous look, silk is just what you need. The silk shams give a breathtaking appearance. On the contrary, euro cotton shams crave a subtle appearance.

Buy at least two light-colored pillows, as these will be the centerpiece of the room. Sometimes, price becomes the deciding factor. Never go after dirty mistakes. It must be accessible, but durable and credible.

5. Euro Sham Styling Hacks

Decorating is finding the right balance. If you are classified with the correct Euro-Sham arrangement method, you are on the right track.

Use these few organization tricks to get the best results

1. Improve the appearance and comfort of the room by throwing feathered illusions on the bed.

2. Shams are the best choice when it comes to beds without a headboard.

3. If you fill the back of the bed with 2 to 3 euro beds, not only will the height increase, but it will also look nice.

4. The last thing you need to understand is the combination of colors and patterns. It depends on the interiors and decor of your room.

5. Mix and match pastel shades according to that. Light blue, solid steel, and other hues are known for accentuating the looks.

6. How to Take Care of the Bedding Shams?

Euro shams are your significant treasure that maintains the beauty of your room. These are some essential tips that need to be taken care of:

  1. 1. Never dip shams in the water along with its filling. Both should be washed separately.
  2. 2. It is essential to choose the right detergent. Harsh chemicals can ruin the fabric of the sham. Use something mild and devoid of strong chemicals.
  3. 3. Dry the shams under shade.
  4. 4. Avoid exposing them under the sunlight, especially satin, silk or 100% cotton.


7. How are shams different from pillows?

Although both are decorative pillows, yet there is a vast difference between both of them:

Shams go right at the back of the bed, and they are often matched with duvet covers or quilts. Shams are not meant for sleeping purposes, just decoration. There are three standard sizes: 20x26 inches, 26x36 inches, and 26x26 inches, out of which the latter is most popular.

Cushions are front pillows. Use them as pillows or throws. The choice is totally up to you. Cushions are generally square; however, there can be different shapes and sizes.

Invest in quirky Euro-Shams to add elegance and notoriety to your room. Invest in these extravagant pillows with different patterns and mixed materials to add elegance to your room. When it comes to feel and quality, there is something special that Euro Shams gives people elegance and comfort at the same time.

B. What is Euro Sham? You need To Know Everything About It

Are you planning to reorganize your room this season? Too many ideas, too little budget – if that’s the case, don’t worry! Nothing is impossible the way it is. Interior decorating experts suggest updating bedding when it comes to adding value to the main room. Small things can have a big impact on your room. For example, disappointments from the euro. Are you wondering what the euro sham is? We are here to help!

1. What is Euro Sham?

Euro Sham is a square cushion with an opening in the center of the back and a standard size of 26 “x 26”. The main purpose of using Euro Sham is to give your bed a decorative look, so that it is placed behind the queen size king size pillows. Euro Sham is also known as the Euro pillow. You can now also get 32 ​​”x 32″ shams. You need to ask yourself why the word account is used in place of a cover sheet or envelope.

2. Euro Sham size?

Euro Sham is also known as Euro Pillow and the standard Euro Pillow size is 26 “x 26”.
Euro Sham is usually available in sizes 26 “x 26”, but is now also available in sizes 32 “x 32”.
Euro-Sham of any size is placed behind the king and queen size pillows to decorate the bed.

1. Well, according to the dictionary, a pillowcase involves a pillow with the wrong face. Strictly speaking, these are decorative pillows with removable covers, whose openings are located in the middle of the back. Here, the fabric remains slightly overlapped to deceive the observer.

2. Unlike typical pillowcases, filled pillowcases are the best options if you like both comfort and adornments.

3. Some euro bluffs can take your room to the next level, improving the overall aesthetic. In short, these fakes are a beautiful accent to enhance the appearance of a room.

4. Everything you need to know about Euro Shams to redefine your room!

3. Tips to keep in mind when buying Euro Sham

Buying Euro Shams for the first time can be intimidating. Although the size is universal, there are some other aspects that you need to consider in order to make the best purchase.
Remember the following tips for enjoying an uncomplicated process:-

  1. 1. Take into account the number of threads. Typically, lower quality fabrics have a higher yarn count. So, watch.
  2. 2. Typically, the highest quality euro shams have 400 thread counts.
  3. 3. Second, look at the material. If you want to give a glamorous look, opt for silk shams. On the other hand, if you crave subtlety, opt for cotton swabs. Needless to say, both materials stand the test of time for proper maintenance.
  4. 4. Experts generally recommend buying at least two simulated colors with lighter shades, as they are incredible centerpieces for rooms.
  5. 5. Finally, take care of the price. These are not very cheap, but affordable enough to buy. Second, you must examine the warranty period for more security and credibility.
  6. 6. Choose your euro bill carefully. Euro Pillow Shams gives the bed a decorative look. Make sure that the euro sham purchased matches the decor of your room or bed.

4. Arrangement of hacks for bed linen bill

Finding the right balance between a comfortable bedding set and an embellishment can be difficult. However, once you are classified with euro bluffs, peace of mind is guaranteed. To help you with your organization methods, here are some tricks:-

  1. 1. Choosing from a few feather-filled bluffs seems convenient. This is a good trick to improve the look and comfort of the room at the same time. The movements are sure to add a whimsical touch to it.
  2. 2. To break stereotypes, you can also use these illusions in beds without a headboard. For example, add more height to the back of the bed using 2 or 3 euro shams. Then, turn the sleeping pillows forward for a formal look.
  3. 3. Now we come to colors and patterns. You should try dark and pastel tones that match the overall design of the interior. Opt for light blue, solid steel and other tones to emphasize the look.

5. How to care for these sheets?

It is important to value these bed accessories to preserve the aesthetics of a bedroom. Some of the main tricks for taking good care of euro spoofs are listed below:-

1. Never immerse the pillowcase in water with the fillers. Use the pillowcase separately.

2. Choose the right detergent. You should use something that is smooth and free from harsh chemicals.

3. When you have finished rinsing, dry the shams in the shade. Avoid exposing them to the sun, especially if the material is made of satin, silk or 100% cotton.

Invest in these extravagant pillows with patterns and mixed materials to highlight the decor of your room. There is something special when it comes to feel and quality, and Euro Shams are exemplary pillowcases that can reflect elegance and comfort at the same time.


  1. How much fabric do I need for a Euro Sham?

 - When making a patterned and beautiful Euro Sham, each pillow sham takes 2 ~ 30x30 inches of fabric and 4 ~17x30 inch pieces of fabric

  1. Why Shams are different from Cushions?

 - Shams go right at the back of the bed and they are often matched with duvet covers or quilts however, Cushions are front pillows and they generally comes in different shapes and sizes

  1. Which is the best way to style a Euro Sham?

The best way to style a Euro Sham around is having Euro pillows with shams and matching the duvet cover case. In this setup, Shams are placed behind the textured or regular complimentary pillows.

  1. What is the Usual Size of a Euro Sham?

 - The usual size of these European Continent pillows is 26 x 26 inches and 32 x 32 inches.


Invest in these quirky pillows with a different range of mixed patterns and materials to add elegance to your bedroom. So when it comes to feeling and quality, there is something extra which Euro Shams gives the people elegance and comfort at once.