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  1. How To Wash A Duvet Appropriately

    How To Wash A Duvet Appropriately
    wash duvet cover

    You enjoy the comfort of your Duvet until it is time to wash it, and you start feeling like you have a huge task to do. Your pretty Duvet needs cleaning and you don’t even know where to start? Just follow these two easy steps.

    Remove the Cover and Wash

    If you use a duvet cover, remove it. Get your gentle detergent and set your washer on gentle or delicate, making the largest capacity a cold water cycle. The best machine for duvet is a front load washer with a large capacity.

    After your washing machine has completed its cycle, in order to make sure that all the detergent is removed from your duvet.

    Dry Thoroughly

    Once your duvet is washed and you have wrung the excess water out, you should place it in the dryer. If it is made from synthetic materials, dry it on low to medium heat cycle. Down and natural materials can’t withstand excess heat, so your dryer should be set on air or low and left to dry thoroughly.

    If you want to fluff

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  2. How to Decorate Your Baby Nursery

    How to Decorate Your Baby Nursery
    baby bedroom decorations

    Are you feeling overwhelmed because you need to decorate your nursery for your new baby? You are not alone. Creating a nursery before your baby’s arrival can be a little stressful, particularly if you are not familiar with designing.

    Here are tips to help you design your baby’s nursery without stress:-

    Get Inspiration

    Check the internet and magazines for inspiration. Focus on broad concepts such as style, theme, and color and don’t forget to save them.

    Decide your color

    Check for trends or just pick a color that you love or one your partner loves. Hopefully your baby will grow to love the colors too.

    Buy the Basics

    Ready to start shopping?

    Start your shopping with the baby’s crib and other bulky furniture items like the changing table and rocker. Buying these first will allow you to better visualize the nursery. Once you put all these in place, you’ll know how much space you have and what else you need to buy.

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  3. For Nerds: How To Decorate Your Bedroom

    For Nerds: How To Decorate Your Bedroom
    student bedroom decorations idea

    If you are a nerd and you like to show if off, then it will be lots of fun showing off this side of yourself in your room design and decor. This article will teach you how to make your room nerdy and reflect your smart self.

    Add posters and pictures for wall decorations

    You can decorate your room with a map of space constellations, a chart detailing elements, and so on. You can also decorate it with the world map. Anything to show that you are smart.

    Place a desk in your room

    The larger the desk, the better. This is your spot for learning, so make sure it has all the features you like, including book space, drawers, and room to study with books open alongside the computer. Having a desk with shelves on top is important.

    Put your PC on the desk and put your papers in the drawers

    Arrange all your stationery in the drawer and other items such as pen on the table in a pen stand. Put a lamp and your planner or schedule marked on table

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