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  1. What Are Round Bed Sheets?

    What Are Round Bed Sheets?

    Beds and mattresses come in all shapes and sizes. The type and size of the bed that each person uses is based on personal needs, comfort, size of the room, and even design preferences. The most unique of them all is the round bed. While traditional mattresses are typically rectangular or in some cases square, round beds are less common.


    What Are Round Bed Sheets?

    Like all other beds, round beds require a set of sheets. A full sheet set will come with a bottom fitted sheet, a top flat sheet, and pillowcases. These sheets come in many different styles, colors, and materials. The measurements for round bed sheets are based on the diameter of the mattress and not height and width like a traditional mattress.

    History of Round Beds in Pop Culture

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  2. Tips to Use and Care Table Cloth

    Tips to Use and Care Table Cloth

    Back in the day, whether you were eating at home or in a fancy restaurant, fine dining had to have tablecloths. Even today, people use plain white tablecloths or formal linen ones to dine in a civilized manner.

    It is an effective yet simple secret to make your dining room aesthetically pleasing and spruce it up for when guests come over.

    Since tablecloths are nothing short of workhorses for your kitchen, you need to take special care of them. They need to be kept in tip-top shape to act as a unifying background for all the mouth-watering treats you make.

    Follow the tips below

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