Reasons Why Most Hotel Beds Don’t Have Fitted Sheets

Hotels are always been a source of residents for travelers. It provides comfort during their stay at a particular place far away from home. This comfort is somehow associated with hotel beds where a person can lay down to ease their tiredness. They play a vital role in the comfort and discomfort of a particular person. Hotel beds are covered beautifully with the help of sheets termed bed sheets. The Sheets used by hotel beds are mostly smooth, don't have elastic corners, and give a beautiful look to the bed. When you dig down to those Bed Sheets, you might have noticed that Hotel bed sheets are flexible, comfortable, flat, and temperature regulating and that's for sure are not the qualities of Fitted Sheets. In particular, hotels don’t have Fitted Bed Sheets.

To know the reason behind this, Let’s have a look at some pros and cons of Fitted and Flat Sheets.

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