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Monthly Archives: August 2019

  1. Pushplinen’s Guide To Decorating A White Bedroom

    Pushplinen’s Guide To Decorating A White Bedroom
    white bedroom sheet set

    Looking for white bedroom decorating ideas? Here is a short guide for you. You are probably a white lover and you don’t know how to go about your white room decoration. It doesn’t have to be hard. White color room decoration might actually be the easiest to decorate, all you need is add a touch of this and that and you have your pretty white room.

    Select your white

    White has so many variations. Some white have warm undertones, while others have a cool finish. You need to pick one of these while considering the architecture of your home.

    Add a touch of sophistication

    Although white is traditionally the color that portrays innocence, it can still be sophisticated, especially when it has the sheerest touch of gray, so add gray or another sophisticated color.

    Add shine

    Color white’s clean pristine feel becomes even lovelier with the addition of metallic accents. A touch of shine brings a white bedroom out of doldrums.


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  2. How To Decorate A Master Bedroom

    How To Decorate A Master Bedroom
    White Master Bedroom

    The master bedroom is a very important space in the home even though it is usually the last to be decorated because few people ever see the space. We spend more time and effort decorating the living room, kitchen, and kids’ bedroom.

    However, decorating the master bedroom doesn’t have to be ignored as it is pretty easy, even easier than decorating the kids’ bedroom. You just need to ass a few basics to make your master bedroom look good.

    Here are tips for decorating the master bedroom:

    Add a light

    Add an accessible light. Anything from a ceiling-hung pendant to a wall sconce to a simple tabletop lamp is perfect. You can use it for your own reading or work, or just to add stylistic height to your nightstand area

    Place a flat surface at the foot of your bed

    This makes the room really beautiful. A flat surface at the foot of the bed serves as a grounding force visually as well as a completely useful place to sit.


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  3. How To Remove Blood Stain From Your Bed Sheet

    How To Remove Blood Stain From Your Bed Sheet
    white duvet cover

    Even though women’s monthly period usually runs for only a few days, they always worry about blood stains on their bed sheet. Blood can stain your bed sheet, chair, etc.

    Of course, period stains aren’t the only source of blood stains on the bed sheet. Even sudden inset nose bleed or an injury on your finer can stain your bed sheet. If you are looking for how to get blood out of sheets, this guide is for you. Removing blood stain from white bed sheet or any other color is easier than you think.

    Use Cold Water

    To remove blood stain from bed sheet quickly, wash the blood off as soon as you can. The longer the blood stays on your sheets, the harder it will be to remove. Flush the stain off your bed sheet with cold water immediately. Wash it afterward with shampoo to help reduce the appearance of the stains on your sheet.

    Use An Enzyme Cleaner

    Another way to remove blood out of sheets is to use an enzyme cleaner. Soak the stained sheet in the

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  4. 5 Bedroom Designs Mistake You May Be Making

    5 Bedroom Designs Mistake You May Be Making
    white sheet set

    5 Bedroom Designs Mistake You May Be Making

     Because our bedrooms are not on display for other people to see, we often overlook their designs and focus more attention on the living room, kitchen, and other public spaces. However, even if our bedroom is only for sleeping, we end up spending one third of our lives there, and that’s where we retire for the day, so it deserves attention too.

    Here are some bedroom design mistakes you may be making and you need to correct ASAP!

    Choosing the wrong bedside table

    Whatever you choose as the bedside table doesn’t really matter, but the right size and height of the table is essential. The table shouldn’t be too low or too high.

    Using too little lighting

    Ensure that your room has multiple lighting options. You can try a mix of both task lighting and adjustable ambient lighting is the perfect combination.

    Placing Area Rugs in the wrong place

    Your beautiful bedroom isn’t

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  5. Bedroom Decor Inspiration: 5 Bedroom Designs To Inspire You

    Bedroom Decor Inspiration: 5 Bedroom Designs To Inspire You
    Bedroom Design

    Studies state that we spend a third of our lives in the bedroom, so decorating your room beautifully and to suit your personality is important. When decorating your room, you need to consider what bedroom design suits your personality because it is your own place away from the outside world.

    Looking for bedroom design ideas? Don’t worry, we have beautiful bedroom design images that will inspire you. Our bedroom design tips will help you decide how to make your bedroom.

    Modern Bedroom Design

    Modern Bedroom Design

    Simple and classy, modern bedrooms are a popular style choice for bedroom designs. They are often linked to minimalism. Modern bedrooms are artfully decorated with just a few statement pieces and look very beautiful in monochrome color ways.

    Neutral Palatte for small rooms

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  6. The Ultimate Pillow Guide – Shams, Body Pillows and Cases

    The Ultimate Pillow Guide – Shams, Body Pillows and Cases
    Pillow Sets

    When to use pillow sham, body pillow, euro sham and pillow case

    Pillows and pillow cases are used not only to brighten up your room but also for comfort as cushion under your head while sleeping. It is significant to invest in good quality pillows as they don’t tend to flatten out easily. A pillowcase is a removable and washable cover for a pillow, the plain ones are made of cotton and the decorative ones are usually of silk.

    Pillow Shams

    Pillow sham is a pillow with a false front. These are pillow-cases that are usually used to make decorative pillows with removable covers. It is best used as a decorative aid that transforms a normal pillow into something festive or aesthetically pleasant. Generally, the pillow sham is open in the middle of the back and is covered with an overlapping fabric. They are usually used as support while sitting in bed or for decorative purposes. Standard Sham pillows are used after the square shaped Euro shams for traditional placement.

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  7. The Beauty Of Pillow Inserts

    The Beauty Of Pillow Inserts
    pillow inserts

    There are few ways that are easier and even faster than using throw pillows if you want to add splash of color and a unique look to your living room or bedroom. A lot of homeowners do not know the importance of pillow inserts. Getting the right pillow inserts will help you make a comfortable pillow, rather than the one your family and friend will just throw aside.

    Pillow inserts that have down and feather are usually covered with a natural cotton down-proof cover. When the percentage of the fill power in the down pillow insert is high, they would feel smoother. Down pillow inserts are perfect to use for many things other than just for the bed. Down pillow inserts come in a variety of sizes, shapes and fills.

    A lot of people use down pillow inserts to make their own cases. Some do it because they love doing it, some do it for business, and some do it just to decorate their home. Hobbyist make pillow insert and sew, hand paint, knit, or crochet decorative cases for them.

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  8. Pillow Protectors: Do You Really Need It?

    Pillow Protectors: Do You Really Need It?
    Pillow Protectors

    Have you ever used a protector for your pillow? Have you ever heard of one or do you know why you need a pillow protector? Like many other people, a pillow protector may be new to you. We are all used to wearing cases for our pillow, so unless you or your loved one has allergies, you might not have ever considered a pillow protector.

    Pillow protectors which are common in high class hotels and resorts, are very useful and for more than just protection against allergy.

    What is a pillow protector?

    A pillow protector is a pillow case that zips shut, unlike the regular pillow case that has an opening at the end. Pillow protector encases the entire pillow and hides it completely from the outside. You can choose to wear a pillow case on the protector or use the protector on its own as your protective pillow case.

    Why You Should Invest In a Pillow Protector

    If you are wondering why you need pillow protectors, this blog post is for you. Here

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  9. How To Make White Towel Spotless and Shiny

    How To Make White Towel Spotless and Shiny
    shiny white towel set

    Everyone wants to keep their white laundry looking bright, shiny, and beautiful, but too often, food stains, dirt's, pesky red socks, and the gradual greying that occurs gets in the way.

    For most of us, having clean towels is very important as it means good hygiene. We don't want to clean our face and body with stinky or dirty towels because it can lead to a lot of skin problems and even allergies. So it is important to clean towels regularly and make sure your white towel is shiny and spotless. To keep your towels clean and make white towel white again, there are some hacks that go beyond using the regular detergent to wash it.

    Tips To Make Your White Towel Clean and Spotless

    Here are some useful tips on how to make your white towel shiny and spotless.

    Keep Your White towels Whiten with Lemon

    To keep your white towel looking white, new, and shiny, take water and add the juice of four to five lemons in it. Boil the water and lemon for

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  10. How To Care For Your Mattress To Last Longer

    How To Care For Your Mattress To Last Longer
    mattress care, protection

    From cleaning your mattress to preventing stains and spoils, a little care can go a very long way in keeping it in very good shape for years.

    Once you’ve spent your hard-earned money in a good mattress, chances are you expect it to provide comfort for years. The average mattress is manufactured to last for about five to ten years or more, though how you maintain it can shorten or increase its lifespan.

    Knowing the best way to care for a mattress and being aware of environmental factors can keep your mattress clean and healthy and make it last longer.

    How to care for a mattress.

    Use a mattress protector from the beginning.

    We’ve written about the benefits of mattress protectors before, and using them is one of the best and simplest ways to protect your bed’s durability.

    A good, quality mattress protector offers your mattress waterproof protection to protect against spills and accidents, and they also help to reduce the amount

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