How to Style Your Bed - Top 10 Bedding Trends to Follow in 2021

Trends are always changing. As soon as something begins to take hold, it seems as if it's already out. In 2021, defining trends has been harder, but one thing is for sure, functionality and comfort are definitely in.
The bedroom post-2020 has become a safe haven. It is where most people spend their hours, be it working or just lounging and relaxing. As a result, there's a lot more that goes into keeping it prim and proper.

We've gathered some trending styles and tips for bedding to give you a complete view of what's in and what's not. Explore them below and make the perfect choices for your room!

1. Sage-Green Is The Color

Calming, soft, and sophisticated - that's how interior designer Andra DelMonico describes this shade in a chat with Insider. It

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