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  1. How to Clean a Mattress and keep the Bed Clear and Insect Free?

    How to Clean a Mattress and keep the Bed Clear and Insect Free?

    In the last few months, we have realized the importance of maintaining good hygiene in our daily life and avoiding harmful viruses. This principle not only applies when you are outside, but also at our homes. Among them, the bed is the furniture on which we sleep and spend most of our hours every day. So this post will be focusing on how to clean a mattress, the best way to clean a mattress, how to disinfect a mattress and make it insect-free.

    It is important to regularly take good care of your beddings because Dirt, Dead skin, Dust mites, and other debris are common to be found on Mattresses. Hence, their regular clean and upkeep are necessary. It is also necessary if you are having pets at home, you have a habit to eat snacks in bed, or you are suffering from any allergies. The cleaning procedure looks difficult but in practicality, it isn’t a tough or much time taking work to make your mattress fresh as new!

    Mattresses made with Memory foam (petroleum-based) can adversely

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  2. Does 100% Polyester shrink? Yes, but How

     Does 100% Polyester shrink? Yes, but How

    Many people prefer to wear clothes made of 100% polyester in their daily life. But! Most of us are having a common doubt, Does 100% Polyester Shrink? You have already got the answer in the title, but the essential point of concern is, how it happens? If we know the reason behind it, then many of us could enhance the usability of our favorite Polyester attires for a long time in the future.

    One of the main reasons behind the wide acceptance of wearing polyester cloths is their ease of use especially after washing. They will spread automatically and form no wrinkles without any ironing. It is because Polyester dries out sooner as compared to any other kind of fabric and does not leave any signs of wrinkles on it.

    Another reason for using polyester garments in daily use is that you will hardly face any issue related to color loss with quality material. Not limited to these, but as compared to cotton, a cloth made of Polyester can also resist insect attacks and molds.

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  3. What are the different types of bed sheets

    What are the different types of bed sheets

    If you’re going to buy bed sheets online, they can be very difficult for you to look through the types of bed sheets that might be available to you. Even if you’re going to be shopping at a department store it’s tough to take out the sheets and experience them or feel like you’re going to know what it’s like to have them on the bed.

    When taking a look at the different types of bedsheets, you will need to determine the best kind that will suit your bed and decide on something that is going to work for your needs as well. 

    In this article, we're going to explore what some of the best types of bed sheets may be and help you learn the difference between types of bed sheets so you can be ready when you buy sheets online.

    The Different Types of Bedsheets:


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  4. Full vs Queen Mattress Dimensions

    Full vs Queen Mattress Dimensions

    All you need to know about Full vs Queen Mattress Dimensions

    With a wide range of mattresses available on the market, selecting the right bed size can be a daunting task. So, when it comes to full vs queen bed sizes, queen mattresses are very popular and work great in the master bedroom. In this post, we share queen vs full dimensions along with the pros and cons of each.

    Full Mattress

    Dimensions : 54” x 75”
    Surface Area : 3,975 square inches
    Bedroom Size : Guest rooms or smaller bedrooms
    Best For : Young adults or couples who like to cuddle and guest rooms

    Queen Mattress

    Dimensions: 60” x 80”
    Surface Area : 4,800 square inches
    Bedroom Size : Master bedrooms
    Best For : Taller adults or couples who like to sprawl out

    Typically, a queen-size mattress is 60” wide and 80” long with a surface area of

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